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2012 low stress resolutions

Whatever your resolutions for 2012, be sure you are making them from your heart’s desire, not from other’s expectations !
In that way you should be able to keep the associated stress to a minimum.

My suggestions for a low stress 2012 are:

  • Make your resolutions achievable
  • Make them measurable
  • Do something for you every day โ€“ and enjoy the moment
  • Laugh every day
  • Thank somebody every day with a smile
  • Find something beautiful around you every day
  • If you struggle with something, consider a training course
  • On a bad day, remember that at any time you are probably doing the best you can
  • Look for the positive in all situations
  • Watch the news less โ€“ focus on the positives
  • If you must watch TV, be discerning โ€“ do you really want to watch That Program?
  • Feel gratitudel for something every day
  • If you can’t fix a situation, send positive thoughts toward it and don’t worry about it
  • If possible, walk daily and listen to birdsong
  • Consider meditation, it can really bring clarity and simplicity into your life

I appreciate your comments below.
Wishing you a happy and low stress 2012.

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