2012 Birthday and My best year ever?

I have had a brilliant birthday today and it is only 6PM 🙂
Thank you to the many Facebook friends who have sent their best wishes 🙂

January 2nd is not always the best time of year to celebrate your birthday, friends have had enough celebrations and uninspiring employment may have started.

For a recent “special” birthday I behaved as Royalty – I had an “Official Birthday” in August, lots of friends and lots of fun.

Today started with brilliant sunshine and a balmy 8 degrees which continued all day !
My presents included chocolate, salt, potential feathers and a self-inflicted black eye!

You may ask how or even why?Salted Chocolate
First, a little story….
In September I went hiking in the Jura mountains( France) with a small group and had a fabulous time.

During a visit to an ancient salt mine at Salins-les-bains, I discovered a Lindt chocolate with Fleur de Sel or in other words- Salt.
It is fantastic – or at least I think so. Definitely in the same category as chili chocolate and worth exploring.
Amazon.co.uk stock it at this link: Fleur de Sel

So that is the chocolate and salt!

I also received a voucher for a Bird of Prey experience at a future date.
I find raptors fascinating and am really looking forward to it.Little Owl
Here is a photo I took of a Little Owl at a raptor centre some time ago, there are no images of real
raptors in my collection.
That’s the potential feathers!

Today we visited Wimpole Hall, a leisurely stroll on a beautiful day. Unfortunately the restaurant was full and service very slow. Beautiful walled gardens, rare breeds, cuddly pigs and more…

OK, the self-inflicted black eye !

As I was keeping fit and healthy last week on a local trim trail, being over enthusiastic,
my hand slipped on a rope and I hit myself  quite hard! Trim Trail
Visitors to Cambridge Speakers Club tomorrow evening will see the remaining bits!
No photos of the black eye, here is a photo of where I did it ….
We now have some friends coming round to dinner….
If this is an indicator of how 2012 is going to be, then roll on 2012.
In these changing times a positive loving attitude is essential for all of us.
A good start is always helpful and I will presumably be reminded to return to this post during the year when
I may have been less cheerful!
Thank you in advance 🙂

Wishing you and Abundant, Positive, Loving Cheerful and Successful 2012.

I look forward to your comments and sharing of this post.
If you feel I can assist you to have a better year,

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To your success!


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