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I am Jim Doyle, I guide people and business owners to find their best place in the world by helping to resolve issues affecting their well-being, family challenges, and businesses.

As an Intuitive, Energy Healer and Dowser I help to identify and clear the root causes of challenges from all sources.
Inclusive of Ancestral, cultural, childhood, material and spiritual, Earth Energies and unresolved trauma at all levels.
Based in Cambridge UK, I work distantly with people, businesses and properties worldwide
My specialities are in 2 areas:

Confidence, Success and Communication at: http://www.speakingconfidence.co.uk/

Using Energy Healing techniques, I work with all “normal”
and non-standard personal issues which may not be dealt with effectively by NLP or hypnosis. I have helped clients with many issues beyond the physical.

A successful electronics engineer and entrepreneur, following my mid-life wake up call ( some call it a crisis! ), I trained as an energy healer for 3 years, with extensive ancestral healing work for 2 years.

Due to extraordinary health improvements experienced by my clients, I visited a Toastmasters International public speaking club to be confident I could tell my story effectively.

I was surprised by my inner “Little Voice” which was quiet until that moment, so I declined my opportunity to speak at the first meeting and “The Little Voice” won!

Using my Integrated Energy Healing training I worked with “The Little Voice” and quickly became a confident public speaker.
Soon I had experienced speakers requesting my assistance for confidence and relaxation.

I have worked with individuals and senior executives resulting in major improvements in their speaking and presentation skills.
Within Toastmasters International I was awarded my Distinguished Toastmaster award, and was then invited to give workshops at The European conference in Budapest and Prague

The techniques I use are matched to the individuals or groups, usually there is plenty of fun and laughter involved as we progress forward.

Using visualisation and powerful heart based self awareness, client’s “problems” are frequently seen to be unimportant and quickly lead to a new simpler view of life and awareness of their own inner solutions.
The extraordinary improvements in my client’s health issues can be seen at: https://www.differentlight.org/testimonials/

Combined with my engineering background, communication and healing skills, I have been told I have an exceptionally wide perspective on life issues, and understand the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of any situation or relationship.

Comments from clients have included:

  • I feel my mind is open now and I can find the answers without a struggle.”
  • I have suddenly realised many things about myself and was able to start changing my thinking patterns.”
  • I feel like I have rediscovered my life.”
  • I am now focused on living my life in a grounded and positive way.”
  • One hours worth of distance healing turned out to be the most prolific experience of my entire life.”
  • Almost immediately the house had beautiful, sparkling and uplifting energy with a sense of crystal clarity and happiness.”

Background and Training:

As a self employed husband and father of 2 boys, I became aware of an inner calling for something “more” in life.

With a minor medical problem being the trigger to investigate complementary alternatives, a visit to a Cambridge Mind Body Spirit fair resulted in meeting and subsequently working with a Korean ancestral healing group in the UK.

Extensive work with them over a 2 year period resulted in some remarkable psychic experiences and insights, but dissatisfaction due to a lack of communication between Eastern and Western minds led to a new search.
An introductory weekend at the School of the Energy Healing was such a powerful experience, I undertook the 3 year Professional Energy Healing course, and graduated with the Diploma of the School of Energy Healing ( DSEH ).

With Drunvalo Malaga School of Images
– Alicante

Following my inner guidance, I completed the Flower of Life and Mer-Ka-Ba workshops and attended multiple Living in the Heart workshops with Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Then I had some remarkable experiences in a lucid dreaming workshop with Dr. Catherine Schainberg of The School of Images, resulting in a huge expansion of consciousness and awareness.

As a keen dowser, I am a Registered Dowser for Earth Energies with the British Society of Dowsers

Let me know how I can help you.
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Relaxing with a friend…
Serpentine, St James Park, London, June 2010

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