Ancestral Healing

My ancestral healing background.

In 2001 I started healing and meditation with a Korean based ancestral healing group.

Some time after I started, while consciously fully present mid-morning I spontaneously experienced a flashback to early childhood with my father and an uncle. It was complete with smells and remembered image overlays on my surroundings in the garden – I knew where it was from, but it was alarming. A shoulder pain I had experienced for some time then became serious and for several days it was agonising; I became fully aware it was from one of my grandfathers, none of whom I had ever met.

This could be described as the start of living in interesting times !

I continued work with the group and went deeper into the ancestral healing concepts with them.

Eventually I participated in an extended series of ceremonies with the group to heal both the ancestral lines of myself and my wife, Wendy. The ceremonies were a series of extraordinary experiences and awakenings, culminating in loving encounters with large numbers of our ancestors.

It was life changing for us in a very positive way – everything became much calmer, life was easier and clearer.

However, having fully connected to our ancestral legacy, I recognised the need for something more fulfilling; I then found and knew I had to undertake the 3 year Professional Energy Healing course at The School of Energy Healing.

Some years later I have found my combined training has given me an exceptional ability to connect directly with client’s ancestral patterns and in some cases complete healing of their ancestral lines has occurred.

Working distantly by phone, some clients have shared a vision and knowing of issues in their ancestral background going back in the mists of time.
These visions have included clear images of the ancestor’s role or behaviour and in some cases even details of dress style.
In this way, some of the client’s limiting patterns have disappeared and they have become very empowered or experienced remarkable positive change.

Strong ancestral patterns appear to affect about 1 in every 6 people, often only 1 person in a large family is affected.

Some effects of strong ancestral “influence”:

Undiagnosed illnesses
A feeling of dread or fear not addressed by more conventional therapies
Repeating life patterns apparently without good cause
Irrational drive or behaviour
Disturbing repeating nightmares

Many of the symptoms are very similar to those caused by spirit attachments, or other more common causes.
Normally I identify the presence or absence of either condition by dowsing.
Information on Spirit Release will be published at a future date.

If you think you have an ancestral related issue, send me some basic information and the reasons you think so,  and I will get back to you.

Our Ancestors:

The legacy of our ancestors stretches back into the mists of time. Each new generation is strongly imprinted with the beliefs, fears and passions of their predecessors. This is not just the immediate parental lineage but their relatives and people of influence in their lives and those of their ancestors.

As children, we are like a new computer waiting to be programmed; the programme is supplied by our environment and particularly by our immediate ancestors and people of influence.

In this way, our fundamental belief systems are very substantially modelled on our family and ancestral patterns. Then we pass them on to our descendants.

We cannot avoid being programmed with very old ancestral positive and negative patterns of poverty, slavery, injustice, worthlessness, failure, success, power, authority, greatness, endeavour and adventure; the list is endless.
Powerful positive qualities do not appear to be passed on in the same way, or perhaps it is because we do not have a problem with positive qualities.

Naturally, the inherited qualities are unlikely to be perfectly evenly balanced.

In my own case, as my ancestors are Irish, there are powerful issues related to struggle and of course the potato famine only 150 years ago when an estimated up to 2,000,000 died of starvation.

From our perspective, the negative imprint can lead to all kinds of limiting beliefs, preventing us reaching our optimum potential and in some cases leading to illness.

It is my belief that much hereditary illness is in fact ancestral illness. How often do we hear people say ” my xxxxer and grandxxxxer suffered from it”, so I will have it ?

Of course there are also many powerful positive qualities of our ancestors – else we would not be here !
They survived incredibly tough conditions, gave birth, fed the family, won wars, made peace, and achieved greatness. If we are fortunate we have acquired these qualities and the limiting qualities are not a problem.

What can I do if I think I am affected by Ancestral patterns?

Contact me for a brief consultation – I will give you an indication of  how I perceive the situation and help you to evaluate your concerns. We can then agree how to progress forward.

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