Are You Breathing Correctly?

Our first confirmation to others of being fully alive is to take a deep breath and scream.
It is a completely natural subconscious activity which “keeps us alive”

The trouble is, by adulthood most of us have forgotten to breathe properly !

Are you breathing correctly?

Try a brief exercise.

  • Place one hand flat against your upper chest area.
  • Place the other hand flat against your upper abdomen area just below the curve in your ribs.
  • As you breathe, notice how your hands move with the breath.
  • Now take a comfortably deep breath.

Which hand moved most?

If it was the lower hand, Congratulations – you are breathing just like a baby and probably efficiently.

If it was the upper hand, oops, you are breathing like most people – inefficiently.

It is a well established fact that correct breath control can positively affect our health and reduce stress levels.
As you are reading this you have probably been hunched over a computer for a long time.

When did you last pay attention to your breath?

If your head is a bit fuzzy, perhaps a few conscious focused breaths would help clear your head?

Our breathing is our most important function while our heart is still beating.
Our brain uses a large proportion of the oxygen we breathe, in our information intensive society, a fully active brain is properly more important than ever!


Here are some good links from Dr Mercola and Dr Andrew Weil explaining a very beneficial way of breathing.

If you find it too complex or boring, just remember to breathe more often in your normal way for a happier and more relaxed lifestyle.

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