Are you Happy in your Job ?

Lack of Happiness in our employment can eat away at our performance, confidence and health.
I know, I spent a whole 2 years there.
It was not the redundancy which surprised me ( I was very pleased with that) it was the comment of a friend months later who pointed out what a miserable $%%&^&* I have been for a few years.
Only then did I fully realise the negative impact I had made on my family during that time.
Check your Happiness score below.

Check your Happiness score.

List 5 main aspects of your employment – the first ones which come to mind.
The ones you love, the ones you hate, the ones you Must Do.

Score each one in the range 1-5.
If you love it score 4 or 5,
If you hate it score 1 or 2

Maximum score is 25 – you Exceptional Lucky Person

If you score less than 12, then it is time to look at your situation.

  • What can change?
  • How can you increase your Happiness score?
  • It is not necessarily time to change your employment!
  • It may simply be a change of perception or a few simple changes to regular routines.

Relax about the result, nothing has changed other than you have put a number to the feelings you were already experiencing.
You may be able to find simple solutions.
If you are unable to see through the fog of uncertainty,
Or require clarity to see through the clouds of confusion we sometimes acquire:

Book a Discovery session

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