As a special offer, there are a limited number of Free 15 minute consultation slots available.

Why and what for?
I may be able to give you insight into long term issues. No obligation, no charge.
It may not be entirely logical, it may be about long term challenges related to Life Issues – health, confidence, communication, relationships or especially things which do not make sense.
It is likely we can gain some insight into the challenge and see if I can help you start to move forward in some way.
Before we speak, you will have sent me very brief details of the Life Problem you face .
Yes. In 15 minutes.
In doubt? see www.differentlight.org/testimonials

What to do next:

  1. From the button below, book 1 session which suits you from those available.
  2. The process is automated, we will both receive email confirmation.
  3. I will confirm the time with a few simple further instructions.
  4. Ensure you are available to call me at the time you have booked!

I look forward to working with you.
To your success!


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