Bad attitude at Tesco ?

Today, December 17 we left our local Tesco superstore 08:30 with a full trolley into a brilliant sunrise.tesco slough
We have everything we need and most of the Christmas shopping complete. Smiley
Hurray! we can relax. So what about the bad attitude at Tesco you may ask?

Store staff were friendly and very helpful at Customer Services. Our experience was really positive.

The checkout was another story!

The checkout operator looked frustrated and unhappy. I asked if it was a difficult day.

Now that really is a classic case of setting the WRONG intention. It is most likely they will have a very stressful day, even if the customers are all pleasant to them.
The Power of Intention is massive.

Start out with a positive attitude and you will have a Good day or experience.

Start out with a negative attitude and you will have a Bad day or experience.

It was inappropriate for me to make a positive suggestion in those circumstances.
I really feel sorry for them and hope they will sometime learn the Power of Positive Intention.
It could really change their life for the better.

Wishing you Positivity and Success – and reminding you to start or ( re-start ) with a Positive Attitude.

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