Did you have vivid dreams and muscle ache last night?

I did! Extremely vivid and meaningful.Steam Traction Engine

A colleague 100 miles( 160Km) away also had a vivid and intense dream last night, their memories are still very clear.

Was this one of those strange nights when many people have unusually intense dreams, yet no common factor is known?

In both cases the intensity of the dream was extraordinary.

As I got out of bed I realised I had aches in muscles which don’t normally ache after any kind of exercise or work.

Looking back, they are fully consistent with my experience within the dream of driving a steam traction engine as recalled from the dream!

This was not just any old traction engine, it had some of the qualities of a car – far too much to describe here !

The key message for me was about preparation, planning and anticipation of how the journey could end.
Now 4 hours later, my aches are disappearing, and just like a dream, the experience is fading.

What can be learned from this experience?

In my own case, my interpretation of the experience is very clear in relation to many transitions I am undergoing at the present time.
I do not subscribe to the concept of reading huge illustrated dream interpretation books!
I think there are complete waste of time.
However, a general guideline to interpreting abstract dreams can be useful.

The muscle ache was fascinating, certainly I could not attributed to any exercise work. I have been engaged in during the past few days.
One slightly unusual event – I did have an exceptionally good curry at a local restaurant last night.

So what is so special about this type of experience ?

  • It was very intense in my mind and clearly remembered.
  • I apparently have muscle ache corresponding to the activities carried out in the dream.

What are your interpretations of this?

Have you had a similar experience?
Is it possible to dream wellness or illness into physical reality?
I look forward to your comments.


Jim Doyle.

November 26, 2012


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