Hello. would you like to:

  • Solve a life problem?
  • Simply make small changes?
  • or to Re-Ignite your life?

Then request your Discovery Session – now.
It is fully confidential and insightful.

What to expect:

A no-nonsense empathic approach to identifying the likely real causes of your particular problem area.
Using intuition and a range of techniques, you can expect to find surprising fast identification of the core issue.
We can then discuss a possible way forward to help resolve them.
Yes, in 15 minutes.

What NOT to expect:

A “normal” conversation using logic.
Do not expect to hear the expression “it must be…..” !
I do NOT give medical advice.
I do NOT give a diagnosis.

Thousands of people have been amazed at the insight they have received.
They called with a problem, sometimes life-long ones.
The original trigger event leading up to the dissatisfaction, unhappiness or illness has usually been clearly identified in our first 15 minutes.
This is often a big AHA! moment before we ( optionally ) do any work together.
The nature of your enquiry can be anything making your life uncomfortable –
your Health, Home, Relationships, your Happiness or even lack of it!

  • Simply Say It Like It Is!  It does not have to be logical or formal.
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In most cases I will be able to respond to you within 24 hours.
Please note: All  services available or implied on this site are NOT replacements for medical treatment. If you have a health issue , always consult a medical practitioner. We do not provide a diagnosis or medical advice.

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