Dowsing and Kinesiology

You have far greater natural abilities to identify, detect and measure information about your well being, environment, employment options, projects, relationships than you have been led to believe.
In fact you have the very same skills as your long gone ancestors used to find water and much more, particularly in relation to survival and quality of life.
Dowsing, Applied Kinesiology and “muscle testing” all use these same ancient natural skills.
They all use your body’s muscle response in response to focused questions.

Dowsing at Bury St Edmunds

Some people are naturally sensitive in this way and although we may not fully understand it, simple training can turn this ability into a very powerful personal tool.
Once you have actually experienced the rods  move in your hands in response to a search or question, your life is changed forever !
I have seen wonderment and shock when sceptics try basic techniques and found their body responding in ways they did not expect and they were not in control of their reactions.

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It is an astonishingly simple way of establishing facts and measurements as long as we can keep our expectations out of the way, AND ask simple questions which can ONLY have a YES or a NO answer. It is astonishingly simple, but not the way we are usually trained to think.

The mechanism appears to be the interaction of the mind of the dowser and the energy of the object of interest. Most dowsing is used to find water, minerals and natural energy lines which may be beneficial or non-beneficial.
It can be used to dowse the subtle energy field surrounding objects, plants, animals, and people. It can also “apparently” be used to identify allergies and nutrient requirements.
(Advertising Standards do not permit stating dowsing can be used to identify health related issues because it is not scientifically proven. )


A pendulum or 2 L shaped rods are the most common tools used. By mentally focusing on the question to which an answer is required, a positive or negative response can be obtained.

One of the secrets of dowsing is not the tools which are used, but the correct framing of the question, which can only have a yes or no answer.

Dowsing should only be used where there is a “need to know”.

If you play with dowsing for a hot date tonight, or which colour cards are face down on the table, you are likely to get random answers which reduce your belief in your dowsing ability ! I believe this is because it is a frivolous application of a fundamental skill.

Dowsing may be carried out on a site, or for a person for whom the information is required. It can also be carried out distantly on a map, person or object at the other side of the world. Yes, you read that correctly!

What do I use it for?

  • I use dowsing with Energy Healing techniques to help people make changes in their wellbeing, career, communication, confidence and much more.
  • Identifying Geopathic stress points. (Locations which are not beneficial to spend time nearby.)
  • Identifying the probable time trigger of an emotional or health condition.
  • Identifying the apparently most suitable therapy or therapist for a person
  • Identifying the most suitable crystal or present ( from a list ) for a person
  • Identifying optimum flower essences.
  • Identifying potential allergy sources
  • Water location, depth, quality
  • Earth energies
  • Measuring energy fields of living things, radio masts etc.



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