​​Energy Healing

Brought to You by ​Jim J Doyle
​Confidence & Energy Healing ​Mastery

Watch the video to discover ​how ​some clients have experienced relief from long term 

limiting issues which ​were holding ​them back.
That may include health issues, expression, wealth ​or career challenges.
​Particularly relevant where events in your life do not make sense, are undiagnosed or conventional coaching and mentoring did not meet your needs.

​A long term headache can be debilitating.
See what Rachel ​said...

​An exceptional and unusual fast healing response for Karen

Energy Healing applies to Confidence, House and business energy and complex situations.
( The low quality energy shift was responsible for the lights dimming ! )

Facebook Energy Healing ​reviews for very different situations from Darren and Jane.

​Change Your ​Future...

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Who is Jim J Doyle?

Jim is an Energy healer and Transformational Coach works with clients around the world to identify and eliminate blocks to confidence, performance and health at all levels. As a technology research manager, a conventional 2 day video presentation training failed to give him the necessary confidence to work with an audience.
In search of the "missing ingredient" Jim went on a personal development crusade and trained as an energy and ancestral healer.
By adapting these techniques to confidence issues, clients have transformed their confidence, stage presence, video presence and health at all levels.
Subsequently selected from a high level of applicants from across Europe, his "Exceptional stage presence and personal confidence" workshop was attended by 180 Toastmasters and subsequently delivered in Prague.

The nature of this work is challenges the common practices of "fake it till you make it" ​and focuses on identifying the root causes of blocks to confidence, career and health​. These blocks ​can be identified and cleared with​ permanent effect.

Jim works 1:1 with clients, small groups and events online and offline

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