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Past Workshops

(Un)Healthy Homes, Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress workshop

Full details: Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress workshop

WIFI, Health & Mobile Phone mini-workshopWIFI-1

  • Does your mobile phone affect your health?
  • Does WIFI worry you or keep you awake at night?
  • Is there an answer?
  • Come and explore

A fascinating and informative mini-workshop exploring the effects of mobile phones and WIFI on our health.

  • How can we measure the effects on us?
  • Do all mobile phones have the same effect on us?
  • Can we reduce the effects of mobiles or WIFI or both?
  • How can we protect ourselves – or can we?

Gain insight and perhaps a better understanding from the work with a few volunteers.
We will use dowsing, kinesiology ( muscle testing ) and good old intuition to gain our own answers from the workshop.

About me:
Professional dowser, electronics engineer turned Energy Healer, Geomancer and international Speaker.
I work with the energy of People, Health, Environment, Water, Technology and Businesses, restoring harmony to the best possible level.
WIFI has affected some of my clients, working distantly with the WIFI only has apparently resolved the problems.
I also bring an in-depth understanding of radio frequencies and what we can do to protect ourselves using physical materials.



Arachnophobia to Backache, Bones, Zits and beyond

Energy Healing Taster Sessions

Past Energy Healing Taster Session clients have experienced relief from
multiple unrelated long term problems in single sessions.

Shoulder pain reliefFrozen shoulder gone
in 20 minutes
Osteoporosis gone in 20 minutesOsteoporosis gone in 20 minutes

a name=”Zits”> From Arachnophobia through Backache, Bones to Zits and beyond, there may be simple solutions.
Working with Mind-Body and Energy Healing techniques, it may be possible to obtain fast relief or reduction in long term symptoms, physical, mental or spiritual.
Jim takes the mystery out of healing and works with a range of techniques to identify the apparent causes of illness from Ancestral through to Past Lives and acquired beliefs, past relationships, Geopathic Stress, attachments and more.
When you know what the real source of the problem is, can you let it go?

20 minute sessions. Booking on the stand



How to be properly “Grounded”

How often do you hear a statement like:
“When I am grounded I can really focus, in the zone, be more productive, be a better healer or dowser… etc?”

Why not be “grounded ” all the time?
It is our best natural state, so why even consider being un-grounded?
Understanding grounding really is a key to a new level of performance and appreciation of life.
Using muscle testing we can identify the levels of un-grounding and the causes.
Using Energy Healing techniques makes it possible to clear the original triggers and get the person more grounded than they may ever have been in their life.
Case histories of dramatic changes in taking place minutes will be explained as well as a demonstration on a volunteer.


Workshop: Whose dis-ease is it anyway?

British Society of Dowsers Annual Conference

18th – 20th September 2015
confrerence-image-rgbIs Your Pain? Your Ill-ness? your Phobia ? really yours? What if it was not yours? What if you could let it go? By becoming aware of the real source of pain, ill-ness, phobia or any limiting condition, the symptoms can often be released, leading to fast well-ness.
Clients often appear to be suffering from other people’s symptoms and experience fast relief when they can acknowledge it and let it go.
Multiple cases have been identified by dowsing or muscle testing, sometimes just by asking clients to focus in a deep way and ask themselves if it is their own?
Release and remission is fast when the client has been able to accept that it is not their own.
Facilitated Energy Healing and deep self awareness may be required to help with deeply embedded issues.
The results are usually well beyond normal expectations.

Venue: Stamford Court Conference Centre, Leicester University
The workshop is at 16.00 – 17.00, Saturday September 19th.


Whose dis-ease is it anyway?

Is it really yours? Your Pain? Your Ill-ness?

What if you could let it go?
By becoming aware of the source of the pain or ill-ness, the symptoms can often be released, leading to fast well-ness.
Clients often appear to be suffer from other people’s symptoms and experience fast relief when they can acknowledge it.





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