Space Clearing ( House Healing ), Geopathic Stress and Geopsychic Stress

Space Clearing or House Healing transforms a home, business or place to a new tangible “feel” by cancelling the effects of Geopathic Stress and even positively enhancing the energy levels.
Geopathic Stress
( GS ) is scientifically proven to cause serious illness, sick building syndrome & poor crop yields.

See a 1 Minute video testimonial for an office environment – 4 years after completion:


What to do if you think your house has a problem?

Contact me  for a FREE brief consultation – I will give you an indication of the level of GS you may ( or may not ) have, and how I may be able to help you.


What is Space Clearing ( or House Healing )?

Space Clearing is a process of restoring harmony to a place, resulting in a significant reduction of the effects of “bad vibes” from previous occupants or Geopathic Stress. This is usually effective immediately and usually results in a transformation of the “feel” of a place which can be sensed by many people – even when they are not “sensitive” or aware of the work carried out.


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress (GS) is the effect of natural energies in the Earth which have become locally distorted or magnified by natural or man-made activity. It is scientifically proven to be closely associated with many types of serious illness, especially cancer.

Geopsychic Stress (GS) is the effect of concentrated negative thoughts, earthbound spirits or entities which can become focused in a particular area through lines of natural energy in the Earth.

In itself, the energy is not usually harmful, but when the intensity of it exceeds a certain level, or it becomes distorted by either natural or man made activity, then it can have serious detrimental effects on individuals and places.

Sources of GS are invisible, but can be felt by some sensitive people, the only reliable method of detection is by dowsing or kinesiology.

In Austria and Germany, planning permission for a new property requires the site to have been verified GS free by a dowser or geomancer.

Effects of Geopathic Stress

  • When away from home you feel and sleep better, but regress on returning home
  • Regularly feeling rundown, tired and that everything is an effort
  • Feeling heavy headed or usually have a headache when you wake up
  • A history of serious illness, violence or divorce in a property
  • Illness after moving house
  • Immediate neighbours also have a history of illness
  • The house does not “feel” right
  • Feeling bad at the office, good when away from it – there may be GS at the office
  • On waking up, a pain in a part of your body which regularly disappears after a few hours
  • Irrational mood swings, and emotionally oversensitive
  • Resistance to medical treatment, or have tried a number of different therapies without success
  • Mystery illness
  • Depression
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Depleted immune system
  • Babies may try and sleep at one end of their cot to avoid GS.
  • Inability to let life flow smoothly – perhaps as limited financial or employment opportunities
  • Difficulty in selling a property
  • High incidence of structural or equipment failures
  • Restless sleep, insomnia and nightmares.
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Poor crop growth in a line across a field – not related to machinery movement
  • Distorted tree growth

The list is not complete, of course there may be other reasons for any of these symptoms. However, if you have a number of these symptoms, the possibility of Geopathic or Geopsychic Stress should be considered.



  • GS can be focused in very small areas, for example part of your bed or a favourite chair.
  • It is important that the places where you spend long periods of time are free of GS.
  • It is fairly well scientifically established that long term exposure to GS can cause illnesses, especially in bed, where the GS is focused on a particular part of the body.
  • There appears to be good correlation between illnesses of that part of the body and GS.
  • GS can deplete the immune system, leading to long term illness, depression, or feeling below par.


The Really Good News:

  • GS can be healed in virtually all instances, at the office, at home, or in a large area.
  • Most cases can be completed distantly – anywhere in the world
  • Can be completed for a single apartment in a block – on any floor, in any city. A visit is NOT usually required.
  • Immediate effect in most cases.
  • Noticable improved “feel” to the property
  • Definite positive changes are usually noticed by the occupants
  • Healing GS may also result in astonishing and improbable positive changes in the lives of the people affected.

What happens when the Geopathic Stress is healed?

  • Your Personal Energy may increase
  • You will almost certainly be more relaxed
  • Your property may “feel” much better – usually instantly
  • Depending on the particular symptoms or issues you had experienced previously, you may expect an improvement, again, sometimes instantly.
  • If you have been suffering some form of stress or sleeplessness, your immune system may have been depleted and may take some time to return to normal or require support.
  • You may have become depleted of one or more minerals, or require a course of supplements to restore it to normal. This can also be checked by dowsing.


What to do if you think your house has a problem?

Contact me  for a FREE brief consultation – I will give you an indication of the level of GS you may ( or may not ) have, and how I may be able to help you.