Devas – our experiences of them

Sanskrit deva means shining one, and these beings are recognised in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Also in the East every house has its Spirit which is acknowledged every day by the people living there.

It seems to us that what we call a deva (because it is how it was introduced to us) can also be called an angel, a spirit, an elemental, fairy, a muse, a god. If we look at the hierarchy of angels they seem to be part of the elemental kingdom, and do work closely with the spirits of the landscape.

We need to appreciate that beneath our feet and all around us lies a shifting array of energies, influenced by all manner of things, natural and unnatural.

The natural ones include gravity, electromagnetic fields, wind, weather, sun flares, phases of the moon, positions of the stars, underground water, plus plant, insect and animal life. Underlying it all is a living conscious planet.

On this planet every natural thing comes with a deva, a spirit, a guardian, an angel x call it what you will, every flower has its fairy, and every valley or mountain has huge almost god-like entities. In our experience so far, these devas when left to their own devices, seem to be very happy and energetic, it’s the unnatural things that are the problem

The unnatural things are of course all the works of man x digging, building, pollution of all kinds and anything done with the wrong intention.

Unless some sort of ceremony was performed at the beginning or someone specifically asks, man made things will not have devas.

Something as simple as dividing a field into two and planting different crops, without speaking to the deva first could be disastrous. Dividing areas in two with roads, railways, electricity pylons – you can see how some of these beings might become disturbed, resulting in pockets of negative energy.

One particular area of concern are the Inner Cities,  huge sprawling areas of turmoil, dividing and subdividing areas belonging to specific devas, then burrowing into the earth to lay cables or build undergrounds. Hundreds of thousand of devas need to be set in place and asked to work with the devas of the landscape and the communities and government to set the energies straight. We have begun work on this, but it is a huge task.

If you are doubtful about what I’m saying I recommend that you consider the huge amount of evidence for the existence of these spirits – for every culture around the world has a mythology, if not a current belief in a spirit world.

The Bible, including the New Testament, is full of angels x a fact very often forgotten. During Holy Communion the priest calls upon Angels, archangels, seraphim and cherubim and all the heavenly company.

The dedication and opening ceremonies for new buildings, for ships and organisations are folk memories of ceremonies asking for a deva to take charge of the project. Christening and marriage ceremonies call in angels to bless the lives of the people involved. The coronation of the British Monarch calls for blessings and inspirations from the spirit of regal authority and the spirit of justice.

We lost our connection to all this over a long period of time, probably starting with the Romans coming and imposing their Gods, which weren’t the native devas, and then with the repression of what history chooses to call witches, to cover up the torture and murder of tens of thousands of wise women and men who were one of our links with this spirit world. The world we are living in now is suffering greatly for the loss of that link. It’s not pleasant to consider that many enlightened people would suffer that fate if the Witchcraft Act had not been repealed in 1952!

So the natural elements of the landscape x the hills, rivers, trees, flowers (fairies!) will all have a deva already. Some elements of the built landscape will also have devas – for example a building that has been blessed x but most will not, and there may be no harmony with the other elements of the natural landscape.

Anything can have a deva however x houses, cars, events, holidays. Marriages of course have a deva invoked during the marriage ceremony, but children do not have to be christened for their guardian angel to be with them.

The exact nature of these elementals can only be conjecture, but there is no doubting their power and response to human requests for positive assistance. From our experience over the past year, working with an intention for the Greater Good, a deva is always present or appears on request for any requirement to heal the environment or help with matters of positive growth.

The Beginning

We first learned about devas on a Patrick MacManaway Dowsing for Health weekend x not from Patrick himself, but from a fellow attendee whom Wendy partnered in an exercise. In the car going home, we discussed and explored what we thought might be their nature.

A cautionary tale, Jim is very clairvoyant, and tapping into the deva of the valley which was his childhood home, could be dangerous when driving in the fast lane on the motorway!.


Our first real exploration came a few weeks later on holiday in France. One of our friends mentioned a ‘strange patch’ further down the lane from our gite, and the next day we went to investigate. Sure enough down a green lane there was a stretch of ground about 25 yards wide where it felt like walking through treacle with 3 sections of denser or string-like energy which we assume to be the central ley line and shadow lines.

We walked further and on the way back Jim stopped to investigate with his rods. Wendy walked on to the end of lane and turned to look back. With intention she spoke to the deva of the place, and asked for the problem to be sorted “for the greater good”. Immediately Jim queried what had happened, as the nature of the energy changed instantly, and only the ley line remained. We subsequently noticed the sound from a mains transformer nearby had changed from a harsh buzzing noise to a gentle hum. Dowsing indicates this was affected by the energy change, but is difficult to quantify.

Help, Heal & Nurture

Since then we have experimented widely. We have come to use the phrase “Help, heal and nurture for the greater good” when asking for help. Our belief is that devas are passive but receptive, just waiting for a plea for help. Or indeed for a specific thing to attach themselves to. In our experience anything can have a deva, you only need to ask and they are delighted to help. Our cars have devas (and driving angels), projects have devas and holidays have devas.

Hatfield Tunnel

Recently driving through the Hatfield Tunnel we were aware of a huge “weight” which gave both of us instant headaches; halfway through the tunnel we asked for help and the atmosphere was already lightening by the time we exited the tunnel. On the return journey there was an immense improvement. Subsequently over a period of a few months, the energy in the tunnel has been lighter, and on March 22, 2005 it could best be described as joyous! Our perception is that as the devas are receptive, they respond to the thought forms passing by (fast and in opposite directions in an enclosed space in this case) – so if 50% of people passing through the tunnel are miserable, the deva will become more miserable, until everyone passing through the tunnel feels the effect. Since the deva has become joyous, we assume some of the people passing through are happier – we certainly were!


On Easter Sunday, 2005 we visited London to explore the City with no particular objective except to walk about where our fancy took us, without any intention of dowsing. We explored various Wren churches, appreciated the architecture and savoured the atmosphere. Off Paternoster Square we found two 11 meters high, modern metal sculptures which are vents for the Underground.

As we walked round them, Jim was drawn toward a powerful negative energy between the vents and the nearest wall. It was so powerful, he was spun round anti clockwise when walking through it. He repeated the exercise in case he had imagined it. It was real.

Wendy asked for the Deva to clear it up for the greater good, within minutes it had almost disappeared. Jim’s interpretation from a Sacred Geometry viewpoint is that the vents, which are like twisted pillars, may be a distorted Vesica Pisces in cross section, and may also be a relevant critical spacing apart, such as 1.618 times the widest axis of the vents.

Jim then tuned into the devas of Paternoster Square and received the impression there were 4 or 5 separate ones possibly related to the original buildings there. On communicating with them and asking for support for the greater Good, the Devas are connected to the new buildings.

On a subsequent visit 3 months later we arrived at Paternoster Square from the tube station x the opposite side of the square from the sculptures. Our immediate impression was of the light and joy within the square, but as we walked across it we were greeted by the deva of the sculptures. We both felt our hands taken by a small bundle of energy – very like a small child who cannot wait for an adult to see what they have achieved. We then sat at Starbucks on the square (it was in the sunlight !) and watched the image of a precious child entertaining its relatives ( the small deva entertaining the devas of the buildings ).

Wendy beside the sculpture


Later, Wendy was drawn toward a secluded courtyard and found a wind and strong force resisting her entry. When Jim attempted entry, he met a very powerful vertical energy which appeared to be a Guardian of the space. Recalling David Furlong’s book [Working with the Earth Energies ISBN 1-7499-2367-9] which he had recently read, Jim asked for permission to enter and a password. He received a password and the energy became soft and gentle. Within the courtyard he found a strong negative energy which he believes is related to the plague. It caused him extreme discomfort with physical symptoms similar to those perceived in a client receiving a healing from him in the previous 24 hours. The energy has now been substantially reduced. The deva or guardian invited us back, and on the subsequent visit the area was very peaceful and calm. All in a beautiful backwater only a few yards from the bustle of London.

We both perceive Devas in various forms. For places, they are often in the shape of the traditional dove or Holy Spirit. Generally, the image is a kind of shiny or translucent outline, with harm or injury to the place sometimes appearing as a kind of injury on the outline. The size of the injury appears to change in proportion to the harm.

Occasionally, the image is darker, and energy of the deva reflects the apparent health of the place. The deva of a place where major new roadworks were taking place, was very tired, beaten, and unhappy when first contacted. Following a request to clear up the energy in the area, some 6 months later it feels much more harmonious and as if all will be well when the works are completed.

We also felt the confusion of a hillside through which a tunnel was being bored. Literally the hill did not know what was going on. Asking for a deva for the tunnel, so that the two could work together created a much more harmonious landscape.

While travelling we have contacted Devas in places where there are high levels of litter along the roadside. For the greater Good, we have asked them to influence passers by to not litter.

We are monitoring the results.

Everyone has the ability to contact these magnificent spirits for the Greater Good and through them reduce geopathic stress, and improve our relationship with the Earth. It is simply a question of being aware and operating with pure and innocent thought.

So how do we work?

I think this is probably the place where we disagree most strongly with other people. Books that you may read about devas are full of little ceremonies, involving candles, incantations and meditations. This may well work for the people involved and be part of their reality, but we don’t believe that the devas need any of it. We have found that although we need to be very grounded and have your intention set lovingly for the greater good, the devas really can and will do the rest.

We have also found that devas are available for any place, object or event you wish to name, just ask and a deva will appear, for that specific place or time.

In simple terms, we developed a phrase which worked for us. Asking the devas to “help, heal and nurture for the greater good, to cast out the darkness and draw in the light”. We have found that we work well while driving around the countryside, as this gives us dedicated time to become grounded and sense the energies around us, doing some routine work of asking devas to work together, and also more specialist work of asking for devas to clear particular places.

We now believe that devas can do anything, even clear large amounts of pollution, even sort out the damage that man is doing to the planet, as long as they are asked, for they cannot do anything without us asking them, that appears to be part of their nature.

Like our guardian angels we have to work with them, or they will only follow their original program. The deva of that field that someone cut in half doesn’t understand until someone explains to them and then asks them to deal with the problem.