Healthy Confidence

Our health is affected by the world we live in and especially by our thought process.

The well known theme of “Like attracts Like” or “thoughts become things” are absolutely true.

Why should anybody “catch a cold” ? Would they really want to do so ?

Judging from the responses of most people who “catch a cold” or “caught it off X” the answer is an overwhelming NO.

So why do we make statements like this, and worse ?

How often do we say “I could never do that” when we are perfectly capable of doing so ?

Why would we expect to suffer from the same illness our father had ?

If “thoughts become things” we need to be careful what we think !

Can we create our own illness ?

Absolutely, yes, psychosomatic illnesses are exactly that, self created illnesses.
In my practice I have worked with a number of clients who experienced medically diagnosed illnesses which appeared to be a mirror of somebody else’s illness.
In one case when I asked a client if they felt their particular condition was their own, their response was “when it was shown to me on the ultrasound scan, I really felt it was not mine”!
By working with forgiveness and understanding, especially forgiveness of themselves, some clients have experienced significant change or apparent remission of some conditions.

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