Can your home affect your health,
your wealth or your relationships?

Yes!, based on extensive research, my own experience and the experience of my clients.
Our homes should be places of health and harmony, yet there can be invisible energies affecting our emotions, our health and even our businesses.

Are you experiencing any of these problems ?:

“….I was also having some noise trouble with the neighbours; in the evening on the day the clearing was complete, I heard classical music coming from their house… they haven’t played music for years and the energy feels a lot more gentle! ”Sabina, London
  • Your house “feels uncomfortable”,
  • Family members have frequent illness or medication is not working.
  • 1 or more family members have sleep problems.
  • You sleep better elsewhere on most occasions.
  • Poor family relationships – or with your neighbours.
  • Your children have frequent nightmares or behavioural issues.
  • Other “odd” or unusual problems.
  • Neighbouring properties have a history of similar problems
  • Things go bump in the night”

Your home could be the source of the problem.

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The energy of your home may be out of balance and caused by internal or external effects.

A makeover or redecoration will not rebalance the energy in the same way as rebalancing the subtle energy AND it may be more expensive !
Your home may require the energy balancing or a House Healing.

This is my speciality; working with the energy of people and places.
As an energy healer, dowser and intuitive, I work with clients around the world to identify and help resolve energy imbalances with them and their homes.

These clients have experienced very positive changes and many have expressed astonishment that such corrections are possible.

A 1 Minute video testimonial for an office environment – 4 years after completion:

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“….On entering the flat, it felt generally more homely and welcoming with less coldness about the air.”AFW, Norfolk UK

An estimated 1 in every 30 properties* may have an energy imbalance, only a small proportion of those may be causing serious problems.
Extensive surveys** have frequently proven that subtle energy imbalances in properties can contribute to all kinds of serious illness.
The good news is that the sources of these subtle energy imbalances can usually be identified and corrected to the satisfaction of the occupants.
Once the energy of the home and people has been rebalanced, astonishing positive changes usually take place.

These can include:

  • Improved relationships
  • Improved business performance
  • Money flow apparently improves
  • Major life decisions made easily
  • Significant health improvements

What kind of energy are we talking about?

  • Consider going into a room where people have been arguing – it probably feels uncomfortable.
  • You sense that somebody is looking at you from behind, you turn round and they are staring at you.
  • You think somebody’s going to phone you just as the phone rings.
    These are subtle energies and a response of your natural “sixth sense”. They may not be scientifically confirmed; that does not stop you having unhealthy or uncomfortable experiences!
    There are also measurable Earth Energies related to underground water streams and lines of energy that form regular grids along the Earth’s surface.
    Extensive research has reasonably proven negative health effects on people, animals, crops, and businesses where these energies are strongest.
    These energies affect us, our behaviour, our health, and even our relationship in ways that are not scientifically understood.
    That does not stop it from affecting us!
    In fact, the energy can accumulate in a positive or negative way and affect us even at great distances.

What is the source of this energy?

Every living thing has a measurable energy field around it.
Our thoughts and emotions are affected by the presence of subtle energies and intentions of others around us.
It is possible for objects to hold energies or memories from people and places. This principle is used in psychometry.
There are also naturally occurring measurable energy lines from the Earth which vary in intensity and from place to place.
In certain circumstances, these lines can cause health issues, as well as affecting the quality of our daily life and businesses.

How are relationships affected?

Relationships are based on our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.
The quality of our relationships is based on our emotional reaction to circumstances and others’ actions as well as our perceptions about ourselves and our lives.
Changes in any of these affect the way we feel which in turn affects the way others around us feel.
These changes can be “measured” and in most cases, the level of harmony can be restored.

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“Since Jim completed the family harmonisation, I feel my mind is open now and I can find the answers without a struggle. My partner and I reach the same decisions-harmoniously.”Anca.
Arad, Romania

How does energy healing work?***

When a client asks for help and gives their permission to investigate and rebalance their energy or the energy of their home, it is possible for the healer to positively influence the energy of their home through resonance and correct those energies toward the desired state.

What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a completely natural skill that everybody appears to be capable of using – if they allow themselves to.
Traditionally used to find sources of water; with correct training and focus, dowsing is regularly used to locate hidden archaeological remains, oil, veins of mineral ore, underground building services, missing items and occasionally missing persons. It can also be used to measure relative levels and qualities of health-related issues as well as Earth energies.

We agreed a date and time for Jim to work distantly on the property.
The morning after the distant work was completed:

  • I did not have a headache and
  • The house felt completely different, which is now over 2 years ago.
  • Soon I started getting more work,
  • Overall, things flow more easily now.

Jim identified the source of the problem as apparently originating from 800 years ago and affecting the material used in the structure of the building. My own dowsing indicates this appears to be correct.
Maria K., Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

Is dowsing scientifically proven?

Dowsing is not scientifically proven. Scientific proof requires repetitive results under fixed conditions.
Issues with unhealthy homes and people are unique and cannot be reliably be reproduced; as such the experimental conditions and results would all be different.
Dowsing is normally used to search for and measure qualities related to energies that are not scientifically acknowledged.
Dowsing is also used to measure emotionally related issues and even to assess the levels of toxins in the body, some of which are not scientifically recognised or can only be scientifically measured at great expense.
The very nature of dowsing is consciousness related which is difficult to prove scientifically because the intention of the experimenter can change the outcome.
Results in the testimonials speak for themselves.
In many cases, satisfied clients have commented that they never thought such changes could be possible.

Is it religious?

There are no religious affiliations associated with this work.
This work is with the subtle energies of people and places.
Subtle energy is natural and independent of religious belief.
Strong personal beliefs can affect the subtle energy around us.

Do I have to believe in it?

No. You only need to recognise that you may be experiencing a problem that is not resolved by conventional means and a solution is required.
I have worked with people of many different nationalities, ethnic origins, and presumably religious beliefs.
Their challenges could best be summarised as “My Life Hurts”.

See House Healing Testimonials.
See personal testimonials including health changes.

What to do next?

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I will send you a short summary indication of how I perceive it.
If there is a perceived problem with the house, we can then discuss a plan of action.
An estimated 1 in every 30 properties may have an energy imbalance, only a small proportion of those may be causing serious problems.**

I am not convinced about House Healing, where can I find more information?

Here are 5 suggestions:

1) Google some of the following phrases:
House Healing, Geopathic Stress, Sick Buildings, Geopsychic Stress, healthy homes.

2) Watch  Dr Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief: Change Subconscious Programs to Reprogram Your Mind
It is groundbreaking material by a contemporary biologist who is not an energy healer, dowser or house healer. You may then like to investigate further.

3) Watch some of the videos on my Youtube Channel: jimjdoyle

4) If you would then like a house energy assessment, use this link.

5) You may like to book a free 15-minute Discovery Session


*An estimated 1 in every 30 properties may have an energy imbalance, only a small proportion of those may be causing serious problems.
This is determined by dowsing, it is an approximation.

**Extensive surveys have frequently proven that subtle energy imbalances in properties can contribute to all serious illnesses.
See: Earth Radiation by Kathe Bachler. Available from Amazon. Results and effects of Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) from research on more than 3000 properties.

***For an explanation of resonance, see this short video on this Youtube link.

Effects of Geopathic Stress

  • When away from home you feel and sleep better, but regress on returning home
  • Regularly feeling rundown, tired and that everything is an effort
  • Feeling heavy-headed or usually have a headache when you wake up
  • A history of serious illness, violence, or divorce in a property
  • Illness after moving house
  • Immediate neighbours also have a history of illness
  • The house does not “feel” right
  • Feeling bad at the office, good when away from it – there may be GS at the office
  • On waking up, a pain in a part of your body which regularly disappears after a few hours
  • Irrational mood swings, and emotionally oversensitive
  • Resistance to medical treatment, or have tried a number of different therapies without success
  • Mystery illness
  • Depression
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Depleted immune system
  • Babies may try and sleep at one end of their cot to avoid GS.
  • Inability to let life flow smoothly – perhaps as limited financial or employment opportunities
  • Difficulty in selling a property
  • High incidence of structural or equipment failures
  • Restless sleep, insomnia, and nightmares.
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Poor crop growth in a line across a field – not related to machinery movement
  • Distorted tree growth

The list is not complete, of course, there may be other reasons for any of these symptoms. However, if you have a number of these symptoms, the possibility of Geopathic or Geopsychic Stress should be considered.



  • GS can be focused on very small areas, for example, part of your bed or a favourite chair.
  • It is important that the places where you spend long periods of time are free of GS.
  • It is fairly well scientifically established that long-term exposure to GS can cause illnesses, especially in bed, where the GS is focused on a particular part of the body.
  • There appears to be a good correlation between illnesses of that part of the body and GS.
  • GS can deplete the immune system, leading to long-term illness, depression, or feeling below par.


The Really Good News:

  • GS can be healed in virtually all instances, at the office, at home, or in a large area.
  • Most cases can be resolved distantly – anywhere in the world
  • Can be completed for a single apartment in a block – on any floor, in any city. A visit is NOT usually required.
  • There is an immediate effect in most cases.
  • There is usually a noticeably improved “feel” to the property
  • Definite positive changes are usually noticed by the occupants
  • Healing GS can also result in astonishing and improbable positive changes in the lives of the people affected.

What happens when the Geopathic Stress is healed?

  • Your Personal Energy may increase
  • You will almost certainly be more relaxed
  • Your property may “feel” much better – usually instantly
  • Depending on the particular symptoms or issues you had experienced previously, you may expect an improvement, again, sometimes instantly.
  • If you have been suffering some form of stress or sleeplessness, your immune system may have been depleted and may take some time to return to normal or require support.
  • You may have become depleted of one or more minerals, or require a course of supplements to restore it to normal. This can also be checked by dowsing.


What to do if you think your house has a problem?

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For a FREE brief consultation – I will give you an indication of the level of GS you may ( or may not ) have, and how I may be able to help you.