Sample client testimonials where I have completed House Whispering or House Healing work.

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Initial “problems” were variously described as:

  • The house feels bad
  • Light levels in the garden were always lower than elsewhere in the village
  • Things always going wrong
  • Clear health issues related to the location
  • Haunting, ghosts or “odd” experiences related to a property
  • “Being watched” from a specific part of a room

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Energy Healing or House Whispering, applied to an office environment with powerful results for Shakya:


18 month old health and property problem resolved on Skype.

Since moving to a new house, 18 months previously,

  • I woke with a headache every morning,
  • one of my dogs had health issues,
  • and everything seemed to go wrong.

Using dowsing, I had identified the apparent source of the problem was with the building itself.

I contacted Jim who confirmed my diagnosis during our conversation.
We agreed a date and time for him to work distantly on the property.
The morning after the distant work was completed:

  • I did not have a headache and
  • The house felt completely different, which is now over 15 months ago.
  • My dog’s health has improved,
  • I started getting more work,
  • Overall, things flow more easily now.

Jim identified the source of the problem as apparently originating from 800 years ago and affecting the material used in the structure of the building.

My own dowsing indicates this appears to be correct.

Maria K., Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico,



Since Jim did a space-clearing for my house, it now feels more like home.

I was amazed that this kind of healing work can be done distantly! I live with my brother, who rarely got home early from work; as soon as Jim had finished the clearing, (which I knew would be in the afternoon), I got a call from my brother saying he’d be home early that evening, (and he now does when he can)!

My brother was not aware that I had asked for the space-clearing to be carried out.

Evidently, the negative energy that Jim had cleared had profoundly been affecting him, as it was by his bedroom and now there was a ‘cleared space’ for him to feel welcomed into.

I was also having some noise trouble with the neighbours; in the evening on the day the clearing was complete, I heard classical music coming from their house… they haven’t played music for years and the energy feels a lot more gentle!

– Sabina, London


 Norfolk, UK:

I first consulted Jim a couple of months ago because I had been suffering bouts of ME type symptoms with increasing regularity over the last 5 years.
Also, the house had always seemed to feel oppressive, especially in the kitchen, and certain areas of the garden were depressing to spend any length of time in. After half an hour’s gardening I would feel drained and exhausted.
Strangely, light levels in the garden were always lower than elsewhere in the village.
I would notice it as soon as I came through the gate, as if someone had turned down the brightness on the TV.
I thought the problem was Geopathic Stress resulting from the watery, low-lying nature of East Norfolk, and I felt we needed expert help to put things right, particularly as my husband was now regularly falling ill.
An internet contact put me in touch with Jim Doyle, and from the first phone call, I knew we had fallen into the right hands.
Jim was friendly and sympathetic. He quickly diagnosed the problem – heavy energies and one or two lost spirits who needed helping on their way – and did some distance healing on the property.
Any scepticism I might have had vanished as the house and garden rapidly came out from under their cloud of oppression and began to feel light and clean again.
My health improved dramatically, and I’m now back to full energy again.
But there was more.
Jim’s incredible insight and powers of healing have led both myself and my husband in new directions which I’m sure will have long-term positive effects on our health and well-being.
Thank you, Jim! – Carrie, Norfolk, UK. November 2011. [ Distant healing for Geopathic Stress and spirit release – Jim ]



Since Jim completed the Family Harmonisation, I feel my mind is open now and I can find the answers without a struggle. My partner and I reach the same decisions – harmoniously.

– Anca – Romania


Hantshire, UK:

I feel sure that your healing has had an effect on the atmosphere in my house, it definitely feels lighter and more restful to be here now (good thing, because I still haven’t sold it!!).

Strangely enough, a really unpleasant smell that was in the utility room that I just couldn’t track down, had disappeared when I got home, and it hasn’t come back.

– Ali, Hantshire, UK


Yorkshire, UK:

I am exceptionally grateful for your help in clearing my house and myself from “guests” that did not want to leave. I am in awe of your abilities, and very impressed with your insight.

I would recommend you to anyone who needs help….

My family are a lot happier and relaxed in our house now.

– Kaz, Yorkshire


Norfolk, UK:

A client requested me to help clear a “presence” from an upstairs flat over a commercial premises in Norfolk. It felt cold and unwelcoming there with a particular sense of being watched from a specific part of a room. I did the clearing distantly without a floor plan or details of the building.

Client feedback:

I noticed in the early evening that the entire building felt ‘lighter’; air less dense and I reacted far more positively to walking into the space. I have only just had a chance to go into the flat where the ‘presence’ seemed to be stuck but the results are positive.

After spending a few moments focussing, I could find no trace of him and the corner where the entrapment seemed strongest felt free and clear. On entering the flat, it felt generally more homely and welcoming too with less coldness about the air. The sense of being watched, I feel, has gone too. I will check in with XXX who is living in the flat and have her get back to you too.

– AFW , Norfolk


Cambridge, UK:

When I went to view my new flat, I experienced very dense, stagnant, and unpleasant energy. But all around me was OK. This made it difficult for me to assess what changes needed to be completed

I asked Jim for a professional energy clearing.

The result was just amazing, almost immediately the house had beautiful, sparkling and uplifting energy with a sense of crystal clarity and happiness. The transformation was far beyond my expectation. I found it very interesting that some friends noticed the change in the energy and commented that my flat was much more comfortable to be in.

Some months later, due to circumstances beyond my control, the energy in the flat had been become very heavy and dark again. I asked Jim if you could clear it while I was in town. I did not know when it would be completed.

On my return I could sense the really positive energy again – even before I opened the door, it felt as if it was filled with golden sparkles !

-Solvay, Cambridge, UK


Hadrian’s Wall, UK:

In the case of a location with very old negative energy near Hadrian’s wall, following clearing, the energy has changed slightly over a few weeks, but it will take years to recover to a normal level. It is my impression the negativity ws caused by natural events many thousands of years ago. There is a visible fault line adjacent to the wall.

In my experience, man-made GS usually clears almost instantly, with a continuing improvement over a few days or weeks.

East Anglia, UK:

I healed a negative energy area including an abandoned WWII airbase where many people were killed during the war. In addition, there are strong negative energies in the area dating from the witchfinder general days in 1645-1647. We cleared an area several miles across during a visit, and I have received confirmation from a sensitive resident that the energy in the area has been considerably calmer since our visit. A significant number of departed spirits were also rescued.


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