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How a simple act of kindness paid dividends

An act of kindnessA true story of how a spontaneous Skype call lead to connection and healing.
While busy working online, a past client and friend popped up on Skype.
Let’s call her Janine.
We had not been in touch for several years.

I “remembered” Janine was from a troubled country, suffering from war and civil strife.
My thoughts were to wish Janine and her family well.
My immediate thought was to send Janine an online message and say Hi.

“Something” prompted me to make a video call instead.

Janine was very pleased to hear from me.
We chatted and Janine said how grateful she was for the help I had given her back then when they were struggling.
She corrected my “memory” as her family were from an adjacent country which is peaceful and relaxed.
We discussed a testimonial for the past work and agreed to keep in touch.

Less than an hour later a new client request popped up in my email.
They had been referred to me by Janine.
Since then, the new client and I have worked together and they have been able to gain insight and relief from the stress of their challenges.

There are 3 people who have benefited from this simple act of kindness:

  1. Janine, happy that we have reconnected, and who was inspired to help her friend.
  2. Her friend, my new client, who has gained insight and relief from their challenges.
  3. Myself. I have restored a past friendship, gained a new client and frankly I feel a bit awed about the power and synchronicity of a simple act. And Gratitude.

Take away from this blog…..

  • Listen to your Inner Voice.
  • Trust your Heart
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Be kind



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