How Aura balance affects Dowsing

Dowsing is an ancient natural skill which can be used to help us survive in nature and may also be used to discover information and separate truth from fiction. Dowsing can be really helpful when making major decisions.
Dowsing is normally carried out using a pendulum or dowsing rods.

This blog describes 3 cases where an unbalanced aura was damaging their ability to dowse.

Advanced practitioners may be able to dowse and find answers and solutions without the use of any tools.
It is rumored that dowsing was used to help design some details of Concorde; this was before super computers were available.

Is learning to dowse difficult?

Dowsing is very easy, but for reliability we need to un-learn some of our old mental habits and to trust the answers we get.
Normally, most of us do not fully trust our intuition or “gut feeling” in some particular areas.

This video describes 3 cases where an unbalanced aura ( or Human Energy Field ) was damaging their ability to dowse.

How does dowsing work?

Dowsing is an ancient natural skill going back to the earliest days of mankind.
It is part of our natural ability to recognise sources of water, food and danger etc in our environment.

When fully developed, no special tools are required, we can simply feel sensations in our body corresponding to the presence of good or unsafe things around us, and in certain circumstances information about people and places.

In present-day society we focus on the power of our minds and completely ignore any education or advice concerning the relationship between our minds and our body.

Dowsing or kinesiology are simply ways of tapping into that natural skill which we all possess to some level.


Why is dowsing difficult to learn?

It is usually only is difficult as we make it.

When taught correctly, most people find they can start dowsing effectively and accurately within minutes, normally less than one hour.

The difficulty is not in getting our bodies to respond, it is getting our mind to accept that such things are possible!

I have seen people being really surprised when the rods first moved as they attempted to measure or detect what they had been asked to do.

Perhaps they checked it 3 times.

Some time later they try again and the dowsing does not work; this is normally because some part of their mind has decided that it cannot be possible because they do not understand it, or they want to be in control of everything that happens.

That is the challenging stage, the rest is easy!


Case histories.

These are actual cases of people who really wanted to dowse but could not get a pendulum or dowsing rods to work correctly.

A) A lady who tried really hard to dowse using rods and had zero success. Whatever she did and whatever mental images she worked with, the rods just would not move.

When I investigated her energy field ( aura ), I found something was out of balance around her feet.

When I asked what had happened around her feet, her immediate response was “ it’s not my feet that are the problem-it is my hands”!
Using dowsing techniques, I identified her age at which the problem had originated, she confirmed she had a minor medical procedure on both feet at that time.

I rebalanced her whole energy field.

She could then dowse perfectly well.


B) A man learning to dowse using rods, the rod in his right hand worked correctly; the left rod simply would not move.

I spoke to him later and offered to help.

I scanned his energy field ( aura ) and asked what had happened in a particular area of his left ribs.

As he looked worried, I hastily reassured him it was nothing to do with his heart!

Somewhat embarrassed, he admitted a young family member had pushed him over some years earlier and cracked a rib in that area.

I rebalanced his energy field, then he could dowse perfectly.


C) A lady who worked with trees and nature every day.

While she was learning to dowse, we tested her skills with
Earth energy lines
Human energy fields
Crystals etc.

She was not being very successful. In fact she was feeling quite challenged.

We then went across the road where there are large trees in the park.

Her ability to dowse the energy field of the trees was remarkable.
She demonstrated an immediate ability to detect lines of energy between different trees.


D) A man who wanted to dowse historic sites and Earth energy lines.

While he was learning to dowse, we tested his skills with
Earth energy lines
Human energy fields
Crystals, Trees etc.

He was not being very successful. In fact he was feeling a bit disillusioned.

We then went across the road where there are large trees in the park.

His ability to dowse the Earth energy lines was remarkable, yet he had very limited success dowsing the energy field of the trees.

My overall impression is that we all have individual strengths and weaknesses when dowsing, in the same way as we have individual strengths and weaknesses for sports and academic activities.

If you would like to learn how to dowse effectively or have some special activity you want to use dowsing for, do contact me.

Email your query to jim@differentlight.org


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