How innocent relationships can seriously affect your health

A Case History of a casual relationship causing severe physical pain and being resolved by distant healing.

[Reproduced with kind permission of “Hilary”, – not her real name.]

What happened?

Hilary woke and stretched languidly in bed.
Suddenly, her left ankle was very painful as if it were sprained.

Some three days later she contacted me as it was badly swollen, and as painful as if it had been really sprained. She had difficulty walking on it.
Hilary had no recollection of any recent accidental damage to her ankle.

The Interpretation:

When Hilary phoned and asked me to “have a look” at it distantly, I used kinesiology or dowsing techniques ( muscle testing ) to establish that the problem was related to another woman whom she had last met 3 days previously.

Hilary immediately recalled a particular person whom we shall call “Gwendolin“.

Gwendolin” was a new acquaintance but somewhat needy by nature.

I worked distantly with the relationship cord between them and healed it. ( I did not “cut the cord” as per common practice.

The immediate result:

Hilary’s ankle then felt slightly better.
I asked her to move it gently and feel into the remaining pain.
She then identified what felt like a sharp point of pain in one particular area.

Climbing pitons

Further progress:

To me it felt like a piton, one of those incredibly strong metal devices used in climbing and very appropriately used to connect your lifeline.

I then used quantum healing techniques to help remove the pain from that particular area.
Hilary’s ankle immediately felt better but somewhat bruised.

The Result:

Later the same day, Hilary confirmed her ankle was near perfect about 1 hour after the distant healing.

2 months later the problem has not recurred.

The implications:

A) Relationships can affect our health, even casual ones

B) Distant healing can be used to identify the source of unexpected conditions.

C) Distant healing can be used to guide a person to focus on their condition and use their innate healing abilities to resolve pain and other issues.

At the times we spoke, Hilary was in London, 60 miles ( 100 Km) away.


Some Questions arising:

What are relationship cords?

Relationship Cords are psychic connections which may be formed instantly or over a period of time between people and between people and places.
Stronger relationship cords will exist between family members – not all necessarily positive!

Was this cord put there deliberately?

Yes, I believe so, but at an unconscious level

Can they last for years?


Does “cutting” cords always solve the problem?

“Cutting” cords is a common practice which is definitely not always successful. I heal them with forgiveness and have had to heal client’s cords which had been disconnected in “cord cutting ceremonies” years previously.

Can they be only from people who are angry with me?

No, they can be from anybody, in some cases from people you may not apparently have a relationship with as described in this Case History.

Can we heal our own relationship cords?

If you are angry with somebody, you must let go the anger and forgive them before you can heal the cord to them.
Else you are holding on to the situation and are NOT prepared to let go.

Do you need to believe in cord “cutting” for it to work?


Does it affect the other person?

Contrary to much published information, yes it often does but in a positive way.
I have known of cases where the second party to a cord healing in an a different country has contacted the first party to positively make contact after years of isolation soon after the cords have been healed.

Can more than one cord be healed at one session?

Yes, all which are relevant at that time. It is possible to test and identify how many and which ones are important.

Yes – article coming soon, email me if you need urgent information or to book a session.

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