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How Self Relationship Cords can control your life

Relationship Cords or chakra cords are created whenever we have a meaningful relationship with another person.
A loving relationship has relationship cords which effectively glow in psychic vision.
A broken or toxic relationship generates an unpleasant looking cord in psychic vision.

Self Relationship Cords are about our relationship to and beliefs about…….. ourselves.

The most important aspect of Relationship or Chakra Cords is that they directly reflect the state of a relationship.
Psychically they can appear similar to an umbilical cord between ourselves and another person.

Self Relationship Cords psychically appear as if connected to perhaps random parts of our body, depending on where trauma may be stored as a cell memory.
By healing or manipulating the cords positively in an energetic or psychic way, a stale or hurt relationship can be restored. That’s the first part of the good news, they exist.


The second part of the good news is that real world relationships can be significantly improved by healing the Relationship Cord.

Alternatively, a relationship which has decayed or broken down can have the Chakra Cords healed so that negative influences are not transmitted from one person to another.

The healing must be carried out with permission of one person, permission from both is not required.

This is NOT the same as the widely publicised cord-cutting exercises.

I have been requested to heal multiple cases of past cord-cutting exercises which have resulted in subsequent physical pain or odd symptoms in later years.

Tangled cords between several relationships will be described in future blog.
Self Relationship Cords case histories.

Self Relationship Cords are psychic cords between parts of our energy bodies
which represent some trauma or distortion in our psyche.
In the same way that a distorted tree is frequently caused by unbalanced Earth Energies,
self relationship cords are an indicator that “all may not be well”

Distorted tree growth
Distorted tree growth indicates “All may not be well”

I have worked with 3 specific kinds of self- relationship cords.

A) I observed a man in a restaurant with an abnormally large abdomen.

I was strongly guided to understand the cause of the problem.
Even then, I first checked I had permission to “see” what the cause was.
Similarly, I have checked I have “permission” to write about it in this blog!
I found the cause to be a series of attempted relationship cords which had either been
rejected by somebody else or he had not been able to connect to them.
The cords had turned back in to him and formed a large knot in his Solar Plexus chakra
with a corresponding physically swollen stomach area.
My intuitive understanding is that he may have been rejected by his mother at birth either directly or indirectly, perhaps through hospital procedures.

The implications for him is that his power and control potential in his life would be severely limited and he is unlikely to have had any satisfactory relationships.
His personal power would be limited because his Solar Plexus chakra is the power centre of our being as in the sketch below.

It was obviously not possible to speak to him about his situation, so I have asked for an Angelic healing for him for the greater good.
In that way all boundaries are honoured and only whatever healing he is prepared to receive will take place.
Did it make a difference?
I do not “know” but my impression is that his potential for meaningful relationships will improve.

B) A client had a self relationship cord between the front and rear of their Solar Plexus chakra, effectively short circuiting their “personal power”.

Shorted Solar Plexus chakra
Shorted Solar Plexus chakra = No Personal Power

This is the equivalent of connecting a wire across the terminals of a battery – no personal power is then available.

The cord was healed and effectively disappeared. This should have empowered the client, but could also have given them significant challenges coming to terms with their new-found power!
The original cause was not investigated, it was not necessary and the cord was easily healed.
I have lost contact with this client from some years ago so am unable to report what life changes they may have experienced.

C) A self relationship cord was identified between a client’s base chakra to a point on their abdomen where they had a childhood operation.

The cord was healed and the client subsequently reported their general sensitivity at the point on their abdomen was reduced.
The exact reasons for the the cord were not established, and were not important.

What are the lessons from these experiences?

  •     Self relationship cords exist and are indicators of  trauma
    or limiting beliefs
  •     They have the same qualities as normal person to person relationship cords
  •     They can be healed and realigned in the same way as person to person relationship cords

Do you think you have difficulty relating to yourself in some way?
A Relationship Cord problem?
Or something more complex?
Try a Discovery session

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To your success!

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