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I felt the Fear and Did It Anyway

Afraid to speak in public ? That was me.
A few years ago I felt the need to improve my public speaking and went to a Toastmasters club.

Toastmasters International
Toastmasters International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember quite vividly my very first Toastmasters meeting – towards the end of table topics I was asked if I would like to give an impromptu speech.
Internally I was quite enthusiastic – then a loud voice said NO WAY!

Not surprisingly, I declined and the loud voice won!

Realising I had a major problem, I used my energy healing training to quickly overcome my fears and started to focus on the Toastmasters Competent Communicator program in July 2008.
This is a series of 5-7 minute speeches on any subject, each one focuses on specific aspects of good communication.

It proved to be a fascinating journey observing my successes and failures, and providing deepening insight into my emotional balances and the sources of my fears.
Technically, my “failures” included my natural habit of speaking too fast, and being of an enthusiastic nature, trying to squeeze in far too much material within the time limits!

From a healing perspective, I was able to identify and clear most of my fears completely.
Childhood fears about being seen, being heard, about being believed, what will people think of me; do I have the right to say this?, and more…….

I also found many hidden strengths and considerably improved my people skills.

The club gave me the support and techniques needed to tackle some of these points, but the really deep work was my own healing experiences.

Soon I had experienced speakers asking how I managed to be so relaxed.

I gave a few short impromptu group relaxation sessions which were very well received.

Within a year of joining, I felt I needed to give something back, so volunteered as Vice President Education for 2009-10, not quite realising the magnitude of the task. However, I surprised myself by running extra meetings and special events, and expanding on my leadership roles.
At that time I had not even considered the possibility of being club President – now I have just completed my term for 2010-11, and we have achieved the President’s Distinguished Club award – the top club award!
Continuing my journey of self-discovery, I am now area 41 Governor for 2011-12, and enthusiastically looking forward to helping five clubs improve the skills and quality of life of their members.

I love it ! I love to see the transition from nervousness to confidence and eloquence, with direct eye contact in conversation.

Especially I love helping one to one clients make great leaps in their confidence and delivery.

From “I am not sure” to confidently delivering on video as if they have been practicing it for years.

My path of combining Toastmasters and Energy Healing has become very powerful, enabling me to become expert at fast track Confidence and Success coaching, enabling my clients to make huge leaps in their presentation and speech delivery.

When we have the initial confidence and poise, we can really benefit from regular practice sessions

So what has myToastmasters experience given me?

  • Hugely improved people and communication skills
  • My old comfort zones have been continually tested and expanded.
  • Confident impromptu speaking skills
  • Improved body language.
  • The ability to teach confidence and communication skills
  • I have started enthusiastically business networking and giving presentations which I would not have considered a few years ago.
  • Significantly reduced stress due to improved confidence.
  • I faced my fears and did it anyway.

What have your experiences been?

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