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I know how Moses found the water

When Moses struck the rock in the desert with his staff and the water gushed forth.
How did he know which rock to strike?
Did he use special powers or do we all have the same ability?

Can the same principles be applied to baby chicks?
Baby chicksWithout striking them with a staff!

To check the sex of a future egg producer or a noisy cock?

I tried this once – when I was 3 years old.

Around our farmhouse we had a flock of hens for our lovely eggs.
The time came to get some new baby chicks……..

We travelled to a friend’s house where they had some day-old chicks.
Into a dark shed with tens of tiny noisy yellow chirping chicks.
Huddled under the dull red glow of a heater.

To the 3-year-old me it was a magical place.

The sights, the sounds, the warmth.
My parents talked Big People talk to their friends.
But wait!

The Big People had a problem.
How could they be sure our chicks would all be hens?
We needed eggs, not noise.

A white gold wedding ring. Photograph taken by...
A white gold wedding ring. Photograph taken by CLW and released into the public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mother took off her wedding ring.
Now that was a very special occasion.
Then she put it on a piece of thread from a spool in her pocket.
What next?

Even more mystery.
Holding a baby chicken in one hand, she dangled the ring from the thread and held it over the chick.

The Big People said that if the ring swung from head to tail, it would be a hen.
Or was it the other way round?

I really really really had to try it.

We got through the part about me being too small and only Big People could do it properly.

Then I held the ring over the chicken in my mother’s hand.
It started to swing as if it had a life of its own.
It was so exciting, I jumped for joy and then it swung even more!

I had not had so much excitement since, well…. I could not remember when.

Everybody tried it.

All the Big People.
They were not sure.
Then they agreed.
Maybe it did not work.

Six months later we had 5 crowing cocks and 7 hens.

Short on eggs and early risers.

When I became a Big Person, I learned how to use dowsing  and to trust my instincts.

When I see baby chicks, I feel an inner warmth which reminds me of mystery, excitement, softness, discovery and exploration.

I now know how Moses found the water.

That experience was probably the start of my life journey.

  • To become a healer.
  • To find the magic in life
  • To trust myself.

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