Inner Child Healing

As we enter into the world we are pure emotional beings without logic or understanding of the complexities of day-to-day life on Earth. We do not understand concepts such as reward and punishment. We are simply beings of love, need and desire.

All we know is our need for food, warmth, and especially the joy of love, the love of our mother. The only way we can express it is through emotional output or response.

Even with the “perfect parents” we are denied our needs – for example when we want love and attention and our parents need sleep !

We experience pain, and somehow we learn that by modifying our behaviour we can reduce the level of pain experienced; we may then perceive the reduced pain as a substitute for love.

We may also remember pain from before birth, particularly if our mother is stressed or not taking good care of her body and adequate nutrition.

As we grow and learn how to maximise our comfort zone in this way, we increase the frequency with which we receive substitutes for love. So we continue to modify our behaviour and form the behavioural patterns which underlie the remainder of our lives.

As these patterns are not consistent with our original Self, they form distortions in our character and our energy field.

These distortions may eventually lead to life crises or illness.

The Inner Child Healing allows us to safely re-visit the forgotten or suppressed periods of our childhood, understand them, and to express what needs to be expressed in an appropriate way in a safe environment.

We can let go of our disappointments, rage, grief and sadness.

In this way our energy flow can be rebalanced, and we can begin to achieve a state of harmony in our lives.

The Inner Child Healing can and does achieve remarkable results, leading to integration, healing and a new perspective on life.

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