Integrated Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing brings out your best feelings, confidence, health and success. It can make “big problems” very small.
It is especially powerful for “complicated” or unclear issues in your life. It can help transform your home and your relationships leading to a total holistic solution.
Client testimonials confirm these realities.

It is frequently said “we are what we eat”, in reality “we are what we think”

According to ex- NASA scientist and healer, Barbara Ann Brennan in her groundbreaking book “Hands of Light”, every time you suppress your emotions, your energy flow is restricted. That blocked energy is held in your cellular structure.
This holding and blocked energy flow is the cause of your unhappiness, illness, emotional issues, depression, failure to achieve, repeating negative patterns, unstable relationships etc.

Blockages may have diverse origins such as old injuries or diseases, early childhood trauma, stress, belief systems, Inner Child issues, relationships, low self-esteem, psychic phenomena, Geopathic Stress, etc. When you become aware of these blockages, the new knowledge leads to healing and possible changes in your physical condition.

From my personal experience and training I can confirm this is correct. Many of my own and client’s conditions and illnesses which were caused by blocked emotions have been cleared.
The testimonials are from a small proportion of clients.

The awareness of the energy blockage always comes from the client when I guide them to sense from their heart centre.
From this place, it is easy to become aware of where their emotions are held in their bodies.
This new awareness usually leads to deep insight between the relationship of their emotions and the physical or other issues being addressed.

These inner answers or solutions are always simple. Complex solutions are  the result of “thinking” about the problem rather than “feeling” the emotion.

When we “feel” or bring our attention to where the emotion resides in our body, it is not unusual for the associated physical issue to be alleviated or even disappear completely.

Of course, a cure is never promised and cannot be guaranteed.

I work with clients in a precise focused, intuitive way. I am normally guided to the relevant area of tension or holding in the client’s body, sometimes before they have recognised it. I may feel the tension reflected in my own body or see it in their energy field, or intuitively ask an apparently unrelated question which helps bring the relevant event to their awareness.
If they are unable to connect to the holding or blockage, I use dowsing or kinesiology( muscle response ) to identify the approximate time in their life from which the emotional blockage is likely to have originated.
It is often accurate, but of course not 100%.
This technique can rapidly lead to a new awareness around any condition by bringing new awareness and associations to consciousness.

How is the healing carried out ?

The healing is given while remaining fully clothed. The nature of the session varies with clients. We may have have a chat and a laugh while seated when connected through the Heart Centre. From this place, “big problems” appear very small or non-existent.

Distant healing may be given when required. This can be anywhere in the world via Skype, telephone or directly .

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