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Is Forgiveness the key to Health Wealth and Happiness?

Holding onto a grudge or hurt feeling has zero positive benefits.

Letting it go makes life much easier.

But can it be the key to Health, Wealth and Happiness?
I believe so from my own and shared experiences. Plus there is a medical link to suggest it could be true.

The power of my own forgiveness.

During my training as an Energy Healer, I discovered many instances where I was holding old hurts and anger from different times throughout my life.
From early childhood through school and up to relatively recent times I had a whole series of old buried feelings. In all cases they were easily identified as cell memories related to various physical issues I had experienced or still suffered from.
When I managed to forgive the people involved and let go of the emotional hurt, without exception there was a huge sense of relief and in some cases a later awareness of physical pains or pressures simply being “gone”.
With hindsight, I know that before then I was far less relaxed and my thinking was much more scattered.
That is my own example of the power of forgiveness.

A dramatic case of forgiveness.

When working with a client suffering an abdominal problem for over 10 years, we quickly identified the source of the problem was an acrimonious past relationship issue.
Using a powerful guided meditation, I helped my client forgive the other person.
Within about a 15 minute period they described a series of beautiful images and changes taking place in their body and a reduction of internal swelling and pressure.
At the end of the session they were beaming from ear to ear and commented about how simple it was to clear 10+ years of suffering.

So how does Forgiveness affect Happiness?

When we are hurt or angry with somebody, it is us who stay awake at night and think about it frequently. The chances are the other person is sleeping soundly!
Every “worry” we carry is sapping our energy and mental efficiency, exactly like an overloaded computer.
Remove the overload and our mental clarity is improved.

So how does Forgiveness affect Wealth?

Simple. If we can think more clearly, be better motivated, we have the opportunity to do and achieve more. Achieving more focused actions can lead to increased wealth.

Is there any medical evidence to support this idea?

To quote a Mayo Clinic document, Forgiveness can lead to:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Greater spiritual and psychological well-being
  • Less anxiety, stress and hostility
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fewer symptoms of depression
  • Lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse


 How do I forgive somebody who has really hurt me?

I will give a few simple pointers here.
It is not always easy alone because we are working with our emotions which are a mystery to most of us.
With appropriate non-judgmental help it can become very easy.
That is part of what I do.
If you need help forgiving somebody, contact me or check for upcoming events.

Basic considerations to start forgiving:

Look at the situation from the other person’s viewpoint. Be Honest

  • Why are you so hurt?
  • Imagine you are 6 months in the future.
  • What does it feel like?
  • If all is OK, what did you need to do to achieve it?
  • Just Do It

If you are still hurt in 6 months time, you will benefit from getting help.
You are only hurting yourself.

If after reading the article below and practicing the guidelines, you still see yourself hurt after several months in the future, you may need to work with somebody non-judgmental.


If you require assistance with:

  • Regaining control of your life with health, relationship or, confidence issues
  • Gaining clarity about your life direction
  • Out of the ordinary life challenges.

Then book a Free Discovery session, or Email: jim@differentlight.org

See testimonials at :   https://www.differentlight.org/testimonials/

To your success, Health, Wealth and Happiness



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