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Mind Reading in 20 seconds

English: Marvelous feats in mind reading. Post...
English: Marvelous feats in mind reading. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stage magicians read minds regularly.
I never thought I could do it!

Does our body show what we are thinking?
Absolutely yes according to my personal experience.

I took part in a simple NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) workshop exercise.
The result was that I apparently read somebody’s emotions and memories in about 20 seconds!
I had no prior knowledge of what experience they might be focusing on.

The exercise consisted of 4 people; Person A, Person B and 2 assistants.
The helpers ensured Person B ( myself ) accurately mirrored the physical position of Person A

Person A sat in the chair while remembering an intense past experience.
Then they adopted whatever physical position they felt represented their feelings.

Person A was now slumped backward in the chair and staring at the floor about 2 metres ( 6 feet ) in front of them.

Nobody knew what they were remembering.

I was Person B.
Our two assistants worked together to fine tune the detail so I was exactly physically mirroring Person A.
I was then asked to synchronise my breathing to person A ( by watching the movement of their chest ).

Within about 20 seconds, I had a clear impression of shock and something related to a child being injured.

Person A confirmed – with considerable surprise!- they were recalling an accident when a child was dragged a short distance by a vehicle.
Fortunately, without serious injury.

I had apparently read their mind in 20 seconds.

This was a very powerful experience for all four of us.

How does this exercise relate to mind reading?

Normally in client 1:1 sessions I have a deep level of empathy with them
and am frequently aware of their main issues before they express them.
That is in specific, practiced conditions.

In this case I was following instructions and with some scepticism that it would work!
There was definitely not a high level of empathy, perhaps some hope that “maybe it would work”
Quite simply, it demonstrates the fact that our body position can clearly show and affect what we are thinking.
Not just in general terms but down to fine detail.
We know that body language mirrors the average state of mind, whether sad or joyful for example; this experiment clearly proves that we need to be aware of our body language at a conscious level if we do not want to be misinterpreted – or have or mind read!
If our mind is fearful or worried, our body shows it.
If we lived in the wild, we would be food for predators!

More about effective body language and public speaking. ( The Public speaking aspects of this exercise )


Take away from this blog:

  • Master your body language to keep your thoughts private!

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