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Paradise is Everywhere

Imagine Paradise in midwinter….

It would be in the tropics, West Indies, South Pacific?
Azure sea, warm sunshine, white sand, palm trees….

Now imagine Paradise in Barcelona!
In Winter?
On an industrial estate!
What? No way! You have got to be kidding!
I have been to Paradise in Barcelona in winter and not worn the T-shirt!

Returning from a weekend with friends we had time to spare. We wanted to see some Nature. They proudly guided us to the Olympic village. Yuck! In all it’s glory, proudly built years before and now feeling abandoned.
Heading north towards the airport, I “tuned in” for a good place to stop.

About 10 Km North, we drove towards “the good place” I was guided towards down narrow roads, by building sites. Stepping over building rubble, we found this tiny artificial beach beside Badalona Power Station!
The magic ingredients were all there…. Azure sea, little waves, warm sunshine, even a palm tree in the distance.
Yes, mid winter, T-shirt off, I sat on a warm sunny beach with my feet in the ocean. Fantastic.

What’s the point of this blog?

Simple! You can find your Paradise anywhere. It can be nearby, not half way around the world.

I regularly work with clients on their everyday issues who tell me they cannot “see things” clairvoyantly.

Within minutes, they are often describing and manipulating “images” associated with physical problems, relationships etc.
This new-found ability to explore life with a fresh outlook empowers them to manage their health and gives them self-confidence beyond measure.
It is possible to often find the perfect place and time to be far more frequently than by chance.
Through this activity, it is possible to clear health issues, repair relationships and quite simply Change Lives.

We all have this capability, it’s simple and easy – when we let go of our conditioning
Especially thoughts such as “That can’t be a good place”, “I don’t trust myself”, “people will laugh at me”,and so on.

Are you looking for your version of Paradise?
Are you 100% happy with your life?
Do you trust yourself?

Explore the possibilities with your 15 minute Discovery Session

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