Relationship Cord Healing

Healing our relationships can transform our lives by removing invisible blockages and leading to a lighter and more carefree life…… many clients have experienced spectacularly positive changes immediately.

Relationships are probably the most rewarding and challenging aspect of our lives – once we have the basic issues of food and shelter taken care of.

Energetically, we are connected by relationship cords to everybody we know and have known. Through these cords we can send or receive positive or negative energies to those we have relationships with, both alive and passed away.

When a relationship ends un-harmoniously, a sense of loss or anger is felt by both parties..

Ending relationships without closure leaves the relationship cord intact, acting as an open channel for continuous transfer of each others emotions and anxieties.

All relationships ( including businesses ) can be transformed by healing relationship cords:

  • Relationship Cord Healing can be completed distantly – anywhere in the world
  • Effects can be very profound – see testimonials.
  • Effects may be felt instantly, sometimes dramatically positively.
  • The healing allows you to be more in control of your power and emotions related to the other person.
  • The healing process can be very subtle, and very fast, and may involve emotional release. It is normally followed by a period of integration and increased awareness of changes in the specific relationships.

Please note: This is not the common “cutting the ties that bind” process which is widely used, and in my experience frequently inadequate. Do we really want to “cut” somebody out of our lives ?

Case study:

Parental relationship:

In one case I worked with a client’s stressful relationship with a parent. We both experienced similar images of the parent hitting the client ( from an energetic viewpoint, not a real life scenario.)

When the relationship cord was healed after a few minutes, I asked the very peaceful relaxed client how they felt.

They were experiencing an image of their parent tumbling with them as a little child !

So, within a few minutes, this client had gone from a place of “thumping to tumbling ” !.

(Reproduced with clients permission )

Animal Relationships:

Recently ( 2008 ), when walking the dog, I regularly met another dog who wanted to treat mine as a snack ! The owner could not understand it, as his dog was normally relatively calm and did not have a problem with other dogs.

After yet another such event, I healed both dog’s relationship cords as we continued walking. We met the other dog and owner 30 minutes later. They ignored each other and have continued to do so ever since.

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