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Selling your creations

Creativity (Photo credit: Mediocre2010)

As a creative person our greatest challenge is making the transition from creator to salesperson, yet creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of our modern society.
Take an artist, design engineer, or concept designer for example.
The design process is the expression of their heart’s desire, an intuitive flow of creativity brought into physical form by our unique skills.
Every thought, possibility and error has usually been considered, so they are familiar with all the possible errors, or believe none remain.

Perfection has been achieved ! The new concept, product or creation has arrived !

Throughout history many great artists have only been recognised after their death. Why?

Brilliant engineers, scientists and artists have been recognised as brilliant creators yet have failed to sell their product or make a good living during their lives.
Take Nikolai Tesla for example ( http://www.teslasociety.com/biography.htm).

Electric discharge showing the lightning-like ...
Electric discharge showing the lightning-like plasma filaments from a Tesla coil. Click image for detailed view. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, why should highly intelligent and motivated people fail to succeed in what should be a relatively simple task?
Creativity is based on our intuition and is related to the left side of our brain.
Sales and marketing skills are logic based and related to the right side of our brain.
The really self-destructive aspect may be more subtle.

In a real-life case, a friend, Brendha D. an artist in France has had great difficulty selling her paintings.

I am not an artist, so am not qualified to comment on their style or quality !

When we worked together it emerged that she had two very conflicting desires:

A) She really wanted to sell them for financial reasons.

B) She considered them as her babies.

As a woman, selling her babies was not a natural instinct!

Consciously, Brendha’s strongest desire was to sell some of her many paintings for financial reasons.
Only by careful questioning and intuition did the maternal relationship emerge.

We are now working with this relationship, it is an ongoing role for her to visualise her paintings going to a good home and monitoring her feelings to ensure she really is in alignment with selling her paintings. An update will follow in a few months.
( Brendha has given me full permission to publish this information and more to follow.)

Are you struggling to sell your creations?
Are you struggling to sell your babies?
Do your brilliant concepts fail to sell?
Are YOU stopping your sales?

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To your success!


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