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Shark! And The Law Of Attraction

Manifesting what we do Not want.Shark

Get what you want! Just focus on it, the Universe will deliver it!
That’s the principle of The Law Of Attraction or LOA as highlighted in the movie The Secret.
It works for some people, not for others.
I had a perfect example of the “not for me” version today.

The LOA has (apparently ) worked for me many times, from sums of money to the smaller pleasures in life.
As a focused individual and meditator who believes my thoughts are often under my control, I accept that manifestation does apparently work successfully.
We get what we focus on.
If we focus on the negative, we get more of the same

Last night, I browsed the TV channels ( OK, I know, not a good idea ) and found probably the worst movie I have ever seen!
What would you do if you found a movie by the title SHARKNADO half way through?
Watch it of course! How bad can it be with a name like that?
Awful; Dreadful; Hilarious; Incredible; Idiotic; Can It Get Any Worse?; were some of the thoughts I had.
You can guess from the title what it is about, based in Hollywood. See links below.

But, the manifestation or synchronicity gets even better !

Now that is less than 12 hours after watching half the movie.
Accident, synchronicity or manifestation?
I guess I went to bed thinking of sharks on land.
What are the odds of that happening within that time?

Is it a publicity stunt for SHARKNADO ?
What are the chances of those extraordinary events being noticed by 1 person within 12 hours?

If  Thoughts Become Things, be careful what you think! Your dreams may become nightmares.
Especially if you watch crazy stuff before going to bed.
Falling asleep in front of the TV is not recommended for maximum sanity or good manifestation, even synchronicity.

Enjoy, have a laugh.
For me, the lesson is to be mindful of what I am doing at all times, especially when I am tired.

If you require help with being mindful or managing your life in a better way, I may be able to help.

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SHARKNADO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharknado
The Secret: http://thesecret.tv/

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