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Stress solutions

How old beliefs can lead to stress and with possible solutions.

As we grow we change our habits and usually change our beliefs through experience.

We may reach a stage where our forward progress and confidence really drops without any obvious reason.

This could be due to our “old beliefs” no longer protecting or supporting us and may become a serious problem, leading to:

  • Low self esteem
  • Career stagnation
  • Health issues
  • Financial issues
  • Relationships breakdown
  • High Stress levels
Tree breaking it's old limitations
Tree breaking it’s old limitations

For example: as a child we may have been frequently told to not show off, in practice this means we grow up with a “little voice” inside which limits the way in which we express ourselves.
We effectively have a “safety net” or barrier around us, constantly limiting our interaction with others, our Health and our Wealth.

How does it affect our health?

When we are unable to achieve what we want, first we may be disappointed, and as it repeats we become stressed.

Stress = Health issues.

In the same way as we can outgrow our mental barriers, here is a physical example of a tree outgrowing a safety barrier and becoming stressed.

A protective safety barrier was put in place years ago to prevent vehicle damage.

No doubt it was highly effective.

As the tree has expanded, the “safety barrier” has become a means of it’s destruction.

It is embedded in the cells of the tree leading to diseased growths in an attempt to absorb or “deal with” it’s old protector.

In practice, both the protector and the protected are being damaged.

The second photo shows a wider view with extensive diseased sections higher up,
presumably caused by the stress and trying to “cope” with the situation.

This is a perfect analogy of what happens when our old belief systems no longer serve us.

Stressed tree breaks barrier
Stressed tree = diseased

How do we solve the problem ?

We need to remove the old limits and heal the wounds.
For the tree, this is straightforward, we remove as much metal as possible, with minimum damage.

For ourselves, we first have to recognise what the origin of our “cage” or barrier is.

This is the way to our stress solution.

This is always an emotional issue, not a logical one; so the first step is to:

Stop thinking about it ! Yes, stop thinking and start feeling.

To quote Albert Einstein ( approximately):
“We cannot solve problems with the same way of thinking as we created them”

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Turn off phones etc.
  • Ideally, sit in Nature where it is comfortable and without too many people around.
  • Stop thinking about the problem.
  • Start feeling into why we feel so bad.
  • Where in our body does the “hurt” live ?
  • ( For example, when we focus on feeling “powerless” or bullied, we are likely to feel a sensation in our stomach area. A relationship issue may be felt in our heart. It does not matter where we think it should be, it is fantastic that we have found it).
  • Now we focus on the feeling.
  • While breathing gently, keep our focus on the area of the sensation.
  • Be like an explorer with a huge imagination.
  • What does it look like in there ?
  • What does it feel like in there ?
  • Keep on paying attention to it.
  • What does it need to make it go away ?
  • What do we need to change in our lives to reduce the stress ?
  • ( We may not like the answers, but does the stress or the solution feel best ? )

Working in this simple way can bring huge insights into our area of un-ease.
Simply letting our awareness increase around our actual feelings enables us to be informed about the reasons why we are un-happy.
We can then choose to work with these reasons from a position of real knowledge, and not from the opinions of others.

This is not an instant solution, it is the start of a new self-awareness program which can be used in all areas of your life.
I have used this technique successfully for many kinds of issues, mental, physical and spiritual.

If you would you like some help with this?

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