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Synchronicity and the Dream of All Humanity as One Family sharing together

I love moments like this.

A true story of a profound distant healing and synchronicity about one family sharing together from a separate source.

This morning I was completing a distant healing for members of a family 2000 miles away in Turkey.
No phone.
No Skype.

Brother connectionIn distant healing sessions, I often get deep insights into my clients situation and changes in progress.
During this session, I saw a very powerful reconnection and sense of purpose being created within the family.
I have only experienced this depth of connection a few times during my training and when working with a group of colleagues.

After breakfast, I was guided to a particular article link in one of my incoming quality e-mails.

Two points in that article leapt out at me !
“This Dream is not Political, Religious or Economic. It is Beyond that.
It is the Dream of All Humanity as One Family sharing together and living together in Peace and Love.
It is seeding itself in the Middle East right now, in Turkey primarily and then in other areas around the world.”

The second point which caught my attention was that the author and channel, Celia Fenn overcame her challenges earlier in the month through “raw food and lots of exercise”

I have been strongly guided to return to raw food after many years of avoiding it.
For the past 6 weeks I have been rapidly increasing my raw food diet and am currently full of energy and feeling great on around 70% raw food.

I love moments like this.

Even though I am fully comfortable being me, it is beyond uplifting when synchronicity of this magnitude confirms that:
All is well and all will be well.

I love being me.
Article link: bit.ly/13IaAAK

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