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Take action or take the blame?

The shocking story of a lifelong limiting belief in 1 min 45 seconds

While  travelling by bus, I recently witnessed a remarkable demonstration of a lifelong limiting belief which had most likely prevented the person from achieving their potential.
The person in question was a gentleman well past retirement age; with a very happy and relaxed manner.

A few rows in front of us was a toddler with his mother.
He became very excited when it was their turn to get off the bus and danced with joy when his mum allowed him to press the Big Red Button to stop the bus.
I made a positive comment about the toddlers excitement to the gentleman beside me.
He said . ” At least I will not get the blame” !

I was shocked.
I felt very sad because he had demonstrated a perfect example of a lifelong limiting belief. A very sad one.
Somehow throughout his life he had felt it necessary to avoid being blamed through what we can only assume was not taking positive action or minimising the risk of being blamed for his actions.

This kind of simple limiting beliefs can powerfully prevent us from achieving the best possible in our career, financial rewards, relationships and quality of life.
Yet this gentleman was very relaxed and very happy. He did not appear to have obvious regrets.
Perhaps he could have been even more relaxed, happier and possibly more influential if he did not have this belief ?

What do you think?

Are you excessively risk averse?
Are you missing out in some way by not taking decisions through possibly fear or doubt?
Perhaps I can help?
I help bring clarity to life’s decisions.

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