The best medicine is being in the best place

Prague Old SquareA case history about how I quickly restored my depleted energy levels to normal using natural Earth Energies.

Recently I was in Prague, Czech Republic, attending a 2 day intensive healing workshop.
On the Monday I completed further personal healing work.
I was over-ambitious!
Some time later, I began to feel weak and knew I had to recharge my energy levels – fast.

A cold drink and sitting quietly for a while was not going to work.
Feeling quite weak I intuitively knew it was going to get worse.

I needed a solution – fast!
For most of my questions, I use dowsing* or muscle testing ( kinesiology )** to find the answers.
I used muscle testing to find a solution – while waiting for pedestrian lights to change.
The solution was to recharge my energy using a positive Earth Energy source.

I was in the middle of Prague which I did not know very well.
Fortunately there are many beautiful parks and open spaces.

Muscle testing** indicated a suitable spot about 300 metres away in a particular direction.
I could see the top of a large tree near the spot.
But how to get there?

There were narrow streets and large houses between us; I eventually found a short convoluted route to the park.
Then I muscle tested** to locate the relevant spot to within a few inches or cm.***
I checked how long I should stay on it – about 7 minutes maximum.****
When I had carefully aligned myself over the spot I tried to look like a nonchalant tourist near a large tree for 7 minutes.
It felt like a long 7 minutes!

Prague river sceneIn a kind of dream like state, my energy quickly recovered and I felt much better.
I then went for a cold drink and some fantastic apple strudel to further recharge my energy in a more conventional way. That felt really good. Yummy.

The takeaway from this blog is that, with adequate training, it is possible to identify and use naturally occurring positive Earth Energy spots to recharge our energy levels when depleted.

This is natural energy and a natural ability we all possess; it can be used in any climate in any part of the world.

See CAUTION below.

* Dowsing is a series of techniques using human muscle response to a series of questions. Various devices may be used to indicate or amplify the changes in muscle response.
The devices are usually a pendulum or a pair of rods which physically move in response to a series of simple questions, or in response to a location when particular subtle energies are being investigated.

** Muscle Testing or Kinesiology are similar to dowsing by virtue of using muscle responses to provide answers to questions about health conditions, medication, emotional issues and more.

*** Beneficial Earth Energy peaks can be very small, even 4 inches or 10cm across. It is important to correctly align your body above them. Non-beneficial Earth Energy peaks also exist and may lead to emotional, mental or health issues according to extensive research carried out in many countries.

Contact me if you would like a brief check of your property for non–beneficial Earth energies – a visit is not required.

**** Beneficial Earth Energy peaks can be very powerful ! CAUTION: Incorrect use could cause an energetic imbalance in the human energy field or possibly physical effects.
We should consider standing on one as the equivalent of charging a battery. If it is charged for too long ( without some kind of control limit ) the battery is damaged. If it is charged with too high a voltage it will be seriously damaged.
If you live on a positive Earth Energy peak, your house may have a very good feel to it. Alternatively, it might be too strong and not comfortable to live there.

If you would like a brief check of your property for non–beneficial Earth energies, Contact me – a visit is not required.

Email: jim@differentlight.org

To your success.

Jim J Doyle


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