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The Right to be Happy

Happy Baby! I can't help but smile every time ...
Happy Baby! I can’t help but smile every time I look at this picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I feel like a new person. Happy, relaxed, light. My body feels pleasantly warm from head to toe.

I have gained the Right to be HAPPY 🙂
I have been called a happy person by some; especially since I completed my Energy Healing training some years ago.

That was 3 years of a deep, deep self-exploration, which reached parts I did not know I had.
Not all of them were pleasant !
But I felt like a new person afterwards, much more alive as I discovered a depth and richness to life I had thought could only be lived by others.

Of course the self-exploration continues, but usually much gentler and lighter.

Acquaintances have frequently commented that I am far too cheerful and that I have an infectious enthusiasm when describing what I do.

Yesterday I found a massive limiting belief that has been holding me back all my life.
Right now I believe that I am now at the happiest stage of my life to date.

Yesterday, I was due to attend an event exploring what makes us happy.
I have been aware of this event for several weeks, and have really resisted posting my 10 point happiness list on their website.

So what was this resistance ?

Allow me to share with you my experience.

Yesterday, I was going to attend a “Happiness Project” evening.

A suggested action was to post 10 things on their forum which made you happy.

I had put it off “until tomorrow” several times.

As the afternoon rolled on, I felt a deep gnawing discomfort around my heart and I was literally unable to write the 10 things which made me happy, yet I had a long list in my head.

Over a period of a few hours this terrible “dread” crept over me which I could not understand;
I knew it was definitely my emotional pain but unlike anything I had ever experienced.
In a brief focused meditation, I found something which shocked me to my core.

Somehow, before the age of six, one of my grandmothers impressed on me that nobody had the right to be happy.
To compound my belief even further, it appears that one of my parents led me to believe that it was shameful to admit to being happy.

When I worked with this, forgave them and let the feelings of shame evaporate, I slowly realised this has been a core issue throughout my life.

Within 1 hour my whole physical experience changed;

  • The feeling of dread disappeared
  • My body became warm from the inside
  • I experienced a great feeling of being unburdened
  • My hidden stress is gone
  • I feel a whole new sense of freedom

and last night….

I slept like a very happy baby 🙂

Now that I am aware of this, it can never be a problem again !

It appears this inability to allow myself happiness has limited me in virtually every area of my life.

Not just personal issues, but even down to having difficulty finishing projects.

If the project was properly finished, then I and everybody else would be happy, including me !

Now, less than 24 hours later, I can see many areas of my life which have been limited by this ingrained belief.

It feels amazing to achieve this life-changing breakthrough as I often help my clients experience.

Roll on the future !

Are you 100% happy with your life? Are you looking for your Paradise?

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