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The secret of a good night’s sleep is a blue bedroom

Travelodge_Birmingham_Airport_OpeningA UK survey of 2,000 homes concluded that blue bedrooms led to extended sleep compared to any other colour
( and a passionate red décor bedroom reduces our love life ! )

I have a problem with that survey.
I am not questioning the results or the methods used to obtain the information.

Presumably most people in the survey chose the colour themselves?
Which comes first, the colour or the residents?

Choosing our room colour is a very personal decision.
It will be determined by our personal tastes and psychological make-up and our “energy”.

Sleep patterns can be affected by many factors – stress, family relationships, health, allergies, Geopathic stress, underground streams ventilation,etc. )

A reasonable assumption is that some people who chose blue are already more relaxed and likely to sleep longer;they may even exercise longer and require more sleep.

Would they sleep less in a purple bedroom ( the worst colour ) ?
The only real way to test this theory is to get participants to change the colour of their bedrooms and then repeat the survey 1 year later to take seasonal variations into account.
That is a highly unlikely scenario.

Travelodge who completed the survey are implementing blue themed bedrooms, so are obviously taking their findings seriously.

What do you think?
Does this study have any value?
Is it simply a news making item?

Do you suffer from disturbed sleep?
Is your energy out of balance?

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The pretty version of the report:


The original report is no longer available on the Travelodge website…..September 2014


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