If your home has…
Bad vibes?     Sleep trouble?     Relationship issues?
Odd health issues     Things go bump in the night      Neighbour trouble
This workshop may give you some insight to the real causes.

An interactive evening workshop based around:

(Un)Healthy homes
Geopathic Stress – non beneficial natural energies
Technopathic Stress – non beneficial technology energies – WIFI, magnetic fields, mobile phones.

Case Histories from around the world.
Earth Energies, Things That Go Bump In The Night, and how to work with them

  • Some insight about how we choose to be in such places!
  • Most important of all, how do we reliably detect non-beneficial energies?
  • Then the Big Question – are they really harmful to us?

What to bring:

A really open mind
A sense of curiosity and fun
Your favourite dowsing rods, pendulum or natural abilities.

Last time I gave a healing and dowsing workshop there some years ago,
the power failed in the whole area as I was about to describe some Merkaba work.
We continued with the emergency lighting to keep us company…..

When: Thursday May 19   Time: 7:15PM for 7:30PM to 9:30PM

Venue: East Farndon Village Hall, East Farndon, Nr. Market Harborough. LE16 9SH.
We start at 7.30pm Sharp. Please be in good time.

Doors open 7.10pm

The cost is just £3.50 on the door

PS Please email me to confirm your attendance, so we know the numbers.